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Rock your Christmas sales with these 5 tips

It’s the right time to prepare a marketing strategy for the holiday season. We have the tools you need to implement your marketing plan, online and offline.

For retailers, the best time of the year has arrived. Holiday season means lots, and I mean, LOTS of shopping… which means sales, sales, SALES! Among all the upcoming holidays, it seems Christmas is the most popular holiday. If you haven’t already done so, it may be time to join the Merry bandwagon for successful year-end sales.

So how can you make the most out of the holiday? Keep reading to find out. 

Create a marketing strategy that works

During this time of year, customers tend to purchase more, as they are buying gifts for loved ones, as well as food and beverages for holiday get-togethers. It’s best to start preparing a month in advance, as customers will start trickling in before you know it. 

But your audience will not come to you until you tell them. Define a list of reasons as to why customers should go to you. This could be something as basic as discounts for Christmas, free gift wrapping, or something more. Use this blog post to start creating your marketing strategy, which will then reflect in your ads.

It’s important that your Christmas offer is related to the products you’re selling. For example, offering free gift wrapping as an automobile retailer doesn’t make sense Instead, offer a discount with an associated car wash retailer or an attractive holiday financing option on new used cars.

Create engaging ads  

Using the list of reasons we made earlier (see above), create engaging graphic design content, such as flyers, posters, videos and digital signage content. PosterMyWall has Christmas themed retail templates, so you can get started quickly on marketing your holiday deals. 

Go online

What’s the easiest way to spread the word about your sales? Social media. These days, even the smallest mom and pop stores use Facebook, and other social media platforms, to get a following – with the hopes of attracting newcomers, and keeping return customers interested in their products. The key is to provide content (again, relevant to your business), in the form of photos (of your venue and products) and special offers to your target audience.
PosterMyWall also offers social media design templates for free, as well as the resize option. This allows you to create a single design, save it and resize it to use those multiple copies for different social networks. Do all this for free! The Basic Download (or freebie) is sufficient for all your social media needs. 

Get started with these sale flyer templates:

Try something different

Every retailer will be offering a discount for a range of products, but many stop at just that. Take the extra mile and do something different. Here are some things you can do that require little effort:

  • Start a special offer for gift coupons, such as a free $10 gift coupons for spending more than 80$ at your shop.
  • Free gift wrapping with the shopping.
  • Creating a winter wonderland, complete with snowflakes, tinsel, and Christmas carols playing in the background! (Okay maybe some effort is needed.)
Christmas market
Christmas market
Christmas poster

Host an event

Hosting an event with the help of social media is super easy and accessible. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Host an event for your sale on Facebook, where friends of people joining can also see your event. It can therefore create a chain reaction, which can result in sizable online sales numbers.
  • Suggest a check-in at your shop (you can do this with Yelp!). Those who check-in may be given special discounts on products or other perks. Hopefully, if the customer is satisfied, his friends on social media will know, and they are likely to check you out as well.


If you prep properly for the holiday season sales, you’ll get enough patronage to last you the whole year. Remember, advertising through flyers, brochures and posters should be your starting point. Advertising online will just be icing on the cake!

Looking for more Christmas fun?

We designed the PosterMyWall Christmas Calendar just for you, so you can stay ahead with your promotions. The calendar features 11 days of fun, interactive ways to engage with your followers online. Includes templates, promotion ideas, and some neat magical tricks! 🎁