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9 Christmas quotes for inspiring social media posts

Join in on the fun this Christmas! Share the festive mood with custom Christmas quotes or create your own.

Oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Get cosy by the fire, grab a cup of cocoa and browse through through this wonderful collection of Christmas quotes to share with people that matter.

The images and videos in this list were created in the PosterMyWall editor, and you can easily create your own right away! If you liked a design, and wish to change it to add your favorite quote or use it as it is, just click on the image or video, and you will be directed to the PosterMyWall editor in a new tab.

And now, to the quotes!

Christmas as a feeling

Red Christmas Quote Instagram Post - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

There’s a certain festivity and feeling of homeliness one can find only in Christmas, as we meet up once again with family and friends, exchange gifts, laughs and timeless moments by the fire.

Remember and share that spirit with this eloquent quote. It’s super easy to make, with a gradient background, some stylish fonts and matching clipart.

Peace and contrast

Christmas Quote Instagram Post - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

A brave quote that speak volumes about hope and the quest for a blessed life for all.

With the contrasting, white background between the lower text, this creates a positive and negative effect between the two lines, making it an eye-catching and pleasant read.

Doing a little something extra

Red Christmas Quote Instagram - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

The smallest act of kindness can plant a seed in others hearts. This can blossom to greater friendships and companionships. Christmas is all about those little gestures and sentiments.

Send this to your friends as a food for thought.

Action with love and animated gifs

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas. This single sentences embodies the spirit of Christmas.” Eloquently spoken by American actress Dale Evans.

If you want to create the above layout, it’s super easy. Just use the Clipart option in the editor to add a line, create four duplicates and place it along the design canvas, creating a neat border. Use a nice festive background to compliment the quote and you’re all set.

The masking feature is also an added perk to make some text content stand out against a contrasting background. The end result is the cool effect for the “is love” text in the video.

Gifts are valuable, but hey are not all there is to Christmas. Instead, the very act of sharing and appreciating each other is the real treat of Christmas.

Experiment with a variety of fonts to bring out the best out of any quote. A good rule of thumb is to couple a high impact font (Bebas Neue) with a cursive font (Beyond the Mountains). Try new and interesting combinations and you might just find the perfect look for your design.

Remembrance and hospitality

Christmas is precious time where it is okay to leave behind all kinds of troubles and enjoy and appreciate the bounties one has, whether it is in the form of material goods or the good company of friends and family.

Brilliantly said by Washington Irving, American essayist, biographer and diplomat.

This is a busy layout with a wide variety of text fonts used, coupled with clipart to supplement and establish the Christmas look. The contrasting colors are done so as to catch one’s eye even when scanning briefly.

Christmas and family

Christmas Family Quote Instagram Post - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

Here’s a special quote to commemorate your family, with a niche vintage look that works really well with Christmas.

You can also create your own vintage posters easily. Just pick a template from here, and start customizing.

It’s the most wonderful time

Most Wonderful time of the Year Christmas Quote Instagram - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

It goes without saying that this is the most wonderful time of the year and you can share the above quote as affirmation to that fact. You can use the wonderful color scheme for any kind of festive Christmas themed content and put it out there!

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