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A quick guide to promoting your lawn care business

Use these promotional strategies – from lawn care flyers to a robust website – to successfully market your lawn care business.

Once you’ve established your lawn care business and decided on pricing and services, it’s time to promote. Marketing your lawn care business is crucial for raising awareness about your brand and getting customers. 

It also helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors. A good marketing plan shows your customers how you are a better option than your competitor, even if you offer similar services. 

Finally, a successful marketing campaign cements your brand as a worthy leader in your industry. This puts you on track to becoming a household name. Once you build enough trust and credibility with your customers, you’ll be able to build your client base through referrals and word of mouth. 

In this blogpost, we’ve compiled a number of marketing strategies to promote your lawn care business. From lawn care business flyers to online promotion, we’ve covered it all. Take a look!

Do door-to-door flyer distribution

Your target market will most likely be suburban homes that have front lawns and backyards. This is your chance to market at their doorstep – literally. Studies show that people are 78% more likely to glance at door dropped flyers, as compared to flyers put up in public spaces. 

So leverage this opportunity by narrowing down neighborhoods you want to target. Then, create a flyer distribution schedule and drop a lawn care service flyer at each door. There are a few ways you can go about this:

  • Drop the flyer in the mailbox
  • Ring the doorbell and hand the flyer to whoever opens the door
  • Wedge the flyer in the front door

Your flyer should include a list of all your services and any discounts you have to offer. It should also establish a point of credibility i.e. something that encourages people to give you a chance. Perhaps a small review from a happy customer, or a before and after photo of a lawn that you worked on. Add your logo at the top. Finally, add your contact information and address if you have one. 

You can find tons of lawn care flyers on PosterMyWall. Customize them according to your preference and have them ready for distribution in minutes. Or repurpose them as small business posters and hang them up in your neighborhood. 

For more lawn care flyer ideas, check out our extensive lawn care marketing guide

Create a robust website

A website is like a one-stop shop for any information that your customers might need. It also streamlines your business, and makes it easier for people to follow your progress. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind when making your website:

Upload pictures here of the work that you’ve done. Show people before and after photos so that they can see the difference you’ve made. Also use this page to show what your different services look like and how each changes the look of your lawn. 

Add a landing page for testimonials

This is where you add reviews by satisfied customers. If you’ve won any local lawn care awards, add pictures and information about those too.

Allow people to book appointments through the website

Connect your booking page to a Google form that people can fill and make their appointments.

Have a homepage that communicates your brand identity 

Include your motto, your goals, your lawn care business flyers, the inspiration behind the business, and some pictures.

List all your services in detail 

Create a separate landing page for this. Have an FAQs section so people can clear any confusions they may have about your services. 

Participate in local festivals

Integrating with the community you’re a part of is a crucial step in building trust with your customers. Find out if there are any local festivals or trade shows happening in your area. Participate in them by bringing plants for sale or by setting up an information booth. 

For instance, if there’s a flower show happening in your neighborhood, you should show up. Bring some flowering plants, run a small workshop on how people can plant them, or look after them.  

If you can’t find any events to participate in, organize your own! Something like a garden festival would be a great way to bring attention to your brand. Pick a local park as your venue. Hold lawn care workshops, sell small potted plants, run a flower show, host a small gardening competition. You can get as creative as you want with this. 

Distribute flyers extensively before each event or local festival. Let people know exactly where you’re going to be. Remember to distribute lawn care flyers at the venue itself when people arrive. 

This strategy will show people that you’re not just a lawn care business – you’re a part of the community and you care about its well-being. 

Final thoughts 

These strategies will help you kick off your lawn care marketing and get the word out about your brand. Remember that a combination of online and offline strategies is the best way to promote. So create a winning website, then use flyer distribution and community integration to draw people towards it and towards your business. Check out our complete lawn care marketing guide for more ways to market your lawn care business. 

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