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Take your marketing to the next level with email campaigns

No marketing campaign is complete without emails. We now offer the option to use email campaigns from the My Stuff page, all for free! Read on to learn all about setting up your first email campaign.

Email campaigns are the lifeblood of any successful marketing campaign. Emails are extremely popular among marketers because everyone has an email, and it has great ROI too. DMA estimates that every $1 spent on email can get you an average return of $42.

And now, creating an email campaign just became easier. With the new email campaigns option, you can create an email campaign on the fly just like you’d download a design, publish a post or edit a design.

Like all things PosterMyWall, creating an email campaign has been streamlined for you to get great results without the need to worry about limited resources and knowledge. You can create an email in four simple steps:

  1. Choose a template from our email templates gallery and customize content 
  2. Type in the subject line and content of the email. 
  3. Upload a list of recipients to send your email to.
  4. Send out your email.

You can get started immediately and the best part is, it’s completely free. If you’re on the free plan, you can download the HTML of any template and email it to others via your preferred email service provider. If you want to cut down on steps and send thousands of emails directly from PosterMyWall, the Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions are just for you.

PosterMyWall Premium subscribers get 3,000 free email sends each month. That means you can send professional-looking emails and stay in touch with 3,000 of your customers per month for free!

PosterMyWall Premium Plus subscribers not only get 10,000 free email sends but also an option to integrate customized Brand Kits and use custom email addresses for their campaigns

You can also purchase additional email sends with your Credits

Can’t wait to set up your first email campaign? We’ve prepared a detailed guide for you right here. If you require further assistance, check out our support articles or contact our support staff directly. 

You’re all set to create your first email campaign now!