Feature Focus

Videos made accessible: Download free high-res videos on any subscription plan

We have some exciting new changes to share with you regarding downloading videos and the Premium subscription plans. Read on to learn more.

At PosterMyWall, we’re constantly working to make the site easy for new designers and veterans alike. Whether it’s the new, clean My Stuff look or seamlessly publishing on Instagram, we are focused on providing you, the customer with more ways to use your content while making it accessible.

To further promote accessibility, we’re making some big changes to the Premium subscription plans. Here’s what’s changed:

Monthly subscriptions

We’ve replaced the quarterly subscription plan with a monthly subscription option. You can subscribe monthly for both Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions.

Videos with GettyImages are free

Whether in the Premium or Premium Plus plan, videos with GettyImages will no longer cost Credits.*

Free HD videos in the Premium subscription plan

Yes, you heard that right! You can now download HD videos for free with the Premium subscription plan. There’s no Credit cost for HD, full length videos on the Premium subscription plan provided you upload the videos to your design from your device.

You will still need to pay 2 Credits for video content with stock videos from any of our available stock resources.

That’s all the changes we have to share today. We hope you have a great time designing!

*You can add 1 video or 3 images by GettyImages in a design.