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How to create a menu with PosterMyWall

Want to create a mouth-watering menu to grab everyone’s attention? Take a look at how you can create a menu in minutes!

PosterMyWall makes designing a menu easy with a user friendly, drag and drop based menu maker. Whether you choose to make your own menu, or pick from one of our many menu templates, you will get great results and in no time.

To learn more about creating your menu, watch the video above, or continue reading.

How to create a menu with PosterMyWall

To create your own menu with the menu maker tool, open your design in the PosterMyWall editor: 

Go to ‘Layout’, then click ‘Add Menu’.


You’ll be greeted with an interface similar to what’s shown below: 


Select layout

On the left in the menu maker interface, you’ll notice 3 different layouts for your menus. Each one is unique, and caters to various designs. Select a layout that best suits your need. 

Add and manage menu items in one place

Next, you can click on the orange ‘Add Menu Item’ button to select which menu items appear on your design. Once you enter your items, they are saved on PosterMyWall for later use as well. This means that you won’t have to re-enter your list everytime you create a new menu!

Clicking any of the menu items will highlight it in blue and add it to your menu. Clicking it again removes it from your menu. This is a great way to create multiple menus with some overlapping items.


You can also edit previously created items by clicking the pencil button on the right to go to the Edit Menu Item interface. 

The ‘Edit Menu Item’ interface is shown below. 


You can add the name, price and even description of the dish in their respective places. Prices for different sizes, and individual prices for add-ons of the dish can easily be added under ‘Sizes’ and ‘Add-ons’ respectively.

Click on the plus sign to add icons to represent a variety of facts about the dish without cramming in words into the menu. Use icons to indicate whether the dish is spicy, low fat, vegan-friendly or something along those lines. You can also further edit icons easily, discussed below.


Bring it all together – Add menu items to your design

After creating the menu items, the next step is to add them to the menu itself. It’s simple, click on a menu item you would like to get added to the final menu. Once added, the menu item will appear on the right side of the menu creator interface and also appear as blue, like so: 


You can add new menu items easily by clicking on the Orange Add Menu Item button, and you can also remove a menu item just by clicking Delete Item, found in the bottom left in the Edit Menu Item Dialog.

The menu is now almost ready! 

Note: Change the positions of selected menu items by dragging them up and down to your preferred order. 

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