Feature Focus

Stay organized – Group your designs with folders

Declutter your My Stuff by creating folders for your designs. You can create any number of folders and even folders within folders.

Have you tried folders? Folders are a neat way to organize your work, so you can easily find, sort and even share your work. Organization is a big question on everyone’s mind especially if:

  • You have a large library of saved content
  • Seasonal content you do not want to mix together

The second big question on your mind, ‘How do I create my folder?‘. Read on to find the answer.

How to create a folder?

To create a folder:

  • Click the ‘New folder’ button under the ‘Folders’ tab.
  • Add a name for the folder.
  • Your folder is ready!

What can I do with my folder?

A folder can be shared, renamed, moved, delete or checked for activity with the activity log. Simply click the 3 dots on your folder to display the full list of options at your disposal.

Add a design in your folder by simply clicking the 3 dots beside your design name and select ‘Move to folder’ from the drop down menu. You can also create designs within a folder by opening them and clicking ‘Add new’ button on the top right of the page.

Customize as many designs as your heart desires, because you can easily organize them and find them later with these folders. Happy designing!