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Top 10 PosterMyWall updates in 2021

2021 was a busy year with the launch of many new tools and features. In our last live class of the year, we explore the top 10 PosterMyWall updates for 2021.

In this week’s live class, wrapping up an eventful 2021, Lisa Sinicki from PosterMyWall counted down the top 10 new features and tools that were rolled out this year and shared how each of these have helped users all over create stunning designs.

Watch the replay above or continue reading for a summary. Don’t forget to check out the bonus content, which includes all new templates featuring some of our best new tools. You’ll find the link towards the end of this page.

10. Create banner-sized prints

When you go to print a large banner for your business, you want a sharp, high-quality image. PosterMyWall’s updated download options include enhanced-quality PDFs, which means you can print your design as a banner as large as 8 feet without compromising quality. Learn more

9. Updated pricing

We’ve adjusted our pricing to give you more for less. If you have a Premium plan with PosterMyWall and use videos you’ve uploaded yourself on your designs, you now get unlimited free high-resolution downloads of those designs. 

Wait there’s more… GettyImages no longer cost Credits!* 

Finally, you can now subscribe to PosterMyWall Premium and Premium Plus plans on a monthly basis. This means a shorter commitment or that you can try another plan out for a month to see if you like it. 

8. Spellcheck

No more typos! Turn on the spellcheck tool in the poster builder and fix your spelling errors instantly. The spellcheck feature highlights misspelled text and gives you alternative spellings to choose from. Currently, this feature is only available to Premium users.

7. Stickers

We all want designs that make an impact. Adding animated stickers helps you accomplish  that goal. Choose a sticker you like from our library, select a template that already contains custom stickers, or upload your own to add some oomph to your marketing. 

6. Publish as a webpage 

If you’d like to post your design online as an online webpage, you’ll love our publish as a webpage option. We’ll host it for you, so you don’t even need help from a web designer or to have your own web page! We provide a link you can use to share your design by email or by posting on social media. 

5. Add links to PDFs and designs published as a webpage

Make your design interactive and put additional information at your customers’ fingertips by adding clickable links to your designs. The links are active when you publish your design as a PDF or as a webpage. Use your links to help your customers learn more, access your social media feeds, buy tickets, place orders, see your menu, view a map, visit your website, and more. 

4. Add bold, underline, and italics to your text

New font styles allow extra emphasis to be added to text by bolding, italicizing, underlining, and striking through the text of your choice. Use this tool to focus attention on a key phrase or message.

3. Animated text slideshows

A highly-requested feature, delivered in 2021, was text slideshows. This allows users to create dynamic designs with animated text elements. In addition to grabbing more attention, this tool enables you to add more messaging without overcrowding your design with too much text. 

2. Publish to Instagram

Create and share your designs seamlessly on Instagram, without needing a second platform. With PosterMyWall’s publish to Instagram feature, users can streamline their promotions and share the designs they have created to their Instagram business account, Facebook Page, or Facebook group. You can publish instantly, or schedule for later. It’s never been easier to promote your brand and product online!

1. Animated photo and video slideshows

Coming in at first place is animated photo and video slideshows – a game-changer when it comes to creating engaging content for social media and digital signage.

If you’re unfamiliar with digital signage , see this blog post.

This tool empowers PosterMyWall users to turn an entire design – or a portion of a design – into a slideshow that plays any combination of text, image, and video content. The result is a short animation or video of your message.

Add slideshows to make digital designs visually appealing and capture the attention of your audience. What’s even better is that this feature allows you to display a lot more content in less space – a win for marketers all over!

Bonus content

We reached out to our design community and challenged them to create new templates using our stickers, animated text, and video slideshow tools. View our bonus content to access the winning templates.

And that’s a wrap! 2021 has been a great year for PosterMyWall users with the roll-out of many highly-requested tools and features, something we look forward to continuing in 2022. If there are any features you wish to see implemented in the new year, make sure to leave your feedback on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. We look forward to connecting with you there!

See you next year when we’ll be sharing more tips and tricks to level-up your marketing.

*You can add no more than 3 images and 1 video by GettyImages in a design.