Build a professional infographic resume with these 4 tips

Looking for your next resume design? Read this blog post and find free infographic resume templates to customize and download.

A great resume is key to landing a good job. Over time, employers have become more perceptive of what kind of resumes they choose to shortlist for a particular role. These days, employers just don’t have enough time to meticulously go through bundles of crammed information in every resume they receive. As a job candidate, it’s your job to make sure your application makes them focus on your resume longer than the rest. 

So, how do you make sure your job application catches the eye of a modern employer and gets shortlisted? Well, why not start with a vibrant, creative infographic resume? These days, infographic resumes are all the rage. While they don’t replace any serious information or forms in your job application, they’re perfect if you want to carry something into an interview or post on your Linkedin with the aim of attracting potential employers. 

How do you go about making an infographic resume? Simple; you can find some fabulous and professional infographic resume builder tools online. Go onto PosterMyWall to find a fantastic infographic resume template and customize it according to what you need. Here are some tips and examples to help get you started. 

Add in exciting yet subtle visuals

If you’re not very comfortable with adding too much to your infographic resume, you don’t have to go all out. There are plenty of subtle ways to add an exciting touch to your resume without going too far. A colorful border or color-coded sections for your information can transform your infographic significantly and make it more noticeable. Check out this editable infographic resume template to see how you can add simple touches to spice up your resume. 

Showcase your skills through charts 

If you have any noticeable skills you want to showcase, such as a proficiency in Python or advanced experience in graphic design and photoshop, you might want to express it in a way that catches the employer’s attention right away. Simply listing down your skills in an overcrowded resume might risk them being overlooked. 

A great way to get past that is to showcase your skills through vibrant charts, ratings, and more visuals. This will not only bring attention to all your skills, but will give the employer a clear view of your major strengths and weaknesses. Check out the editable infographic resume template below to see how you can incorporate charts and other graphics to your resume. 

Add a border for a pop of color 

Yet another way to add in a simple touch of color and vibrancy without going all out is to add in a subtle yet effective border to your resume. The great thing about borders is that they not only add a splash of color to your resume and bring it to life, but they also make your information look neater, less cluttered, and well-centered. Check out this editable infographic resume template to see how well borders work. 

Find new ways to display information

Resumes can often get very overcrowded when you start filling them in. After all, you want all your major achievements in there. But you don’t want to take the risk of an employer potentially missing out on a key piece of information, or refusing to read such a long document. 

Use infographic templates to display key information and credentials in a new, more aesthetic way. This will not only ensure your most important details get noticed, but will also allow you to display your credentials in a neater way. 

Check out this editable infographic resume template to see how you can curate your information to be more noticeable. 

Final thoughts

Whenever you apply for a job, your main goal should be to stand apart from the competition and show your potential employer that you’re bringing in a unique perspective. And a great way to bring in that perspective is to use infographic resumes to spice up your key credentials. 

Use these tips and editable infographic resume templates to spruce up your resume and be prepared to stand out in the job market.