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How to create an engaging podcast

Want to know how to gain more listeners for your podcast? Follow some of Alethia Brown’s advice to see how she keeps her podcast relevant at all times.

Customer story with Alethia Brown

Alethia Brown started her podcast, Conversations with Entrepreneurs, in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The podcast is hosted by five entrepreneurs and focuses on how people have started or maintained their businesses successfully during the pandemic. With this podcast, Alethia hopes to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs and assist them on their journeys. 

Alethia says that keeping your podcast relevant can be a challenge. You have to come up with new and different topics each week and make sure to notify and update your audience in real time. How does Alethia accomplish this?

 “Stay relevant and keep people engaged, even in uncertain times,” she advised.

It is crucial to maintain an active and engaging social media presence to keep your audience interested in what you have to say, said Alethia. She uses a variety of techniques on Facebook and Instagram to market her podcast and grab her audience’s attention.

Here are some of Alethia’s best tips on how to keep your podcast relevant: 

Experiment as you establish your brand

Remember that your podcast’s brand is your message. Thus, it is integral that you create an identity that speaks to your audience. 

However, you don’t have to invent your podcast’s brand overnight. Alethia said you might want to give it some time to evolve organically since you may find that the direction of your podcast shifts over time. Conversations with Entrepreneurs is only a year old, and Alethia is still fine tuning its identity. 

Alethia also believes in changing things up from time to time. “No one likes to see the same old words on the same bland background all the time. To attract people, you need to add some variety before you find what works best for you,” she said. 

By sharing social media posts in a variety of colors, themes, and styles, Alethia has attracted a diverse audience. She believes that the best way to keep people engaged is to keep adding variety — even after you’ve honed in on your brand.

Maintain a consistent social media presence

Alethia uses Facebook and Instagram for her social media marketing. She says that if you want your podcast to continue to grow, it’s important to stay active on social media and to make sure your online audience is constantly engaged. 

“I manage several different platforms and pages, and make sure to keep all of them active throughout the week,” Alethia said. To ensure all the platforms you’re running remain active, she suggests resizing/repurposing posts so that you’re sharing the same content across platforms. 

For her podcast, Alethia shares  information with her audience weekly on what each new episode will be about. To keep her followers engaged, she schedules all her posts to go out on all platforms at the same time. 

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Remain socially aware

Alethia feels strongly that entrepreneurs have a responsibility to help raise awareness of key issues that impact the society they live in. This is why it is important for rising entrepreneurs to raise their voice whenever an important social or environmental issue comes to their attention. 

Alethia raises awareness for the issues she feels passionate about, such as the importance of voting, by creating informative social media content. “I keep a spreadsheet to remind me of all upcoming special events and make posters for them accordingly,” Alethia said. 

From episodes on COVID-19 vaccination to posts on important historical days, Alethia  also uses her podcast to cover important and relevant topics of discussion, and educates the community about social issues. 

Create unique visuals 

People love a good surprise, and no one likes looking at the same content over and over. This is why Alethia says it’s good to inject a bit of variety into your promotional material. 

“The content I create depends on the project I’m working on. It could be vibrant posters, informational videos, or even short, engaging animated clips,” Alethia said.

Alethia likes to add her own unique touches to her visuals. When she creates posters for her podcast, she never sticks to a single color or font. “I always use a minimum of three fonts in my designs, so that when someone’s eye wanders, it lands on another element of the poster,” she said. Her theory is that a design should have several elements that catch a customer’s eye without confusing them or giving them too much to absorb in one go. 

If you need to communicate a message to your online audience, Alethia suggests using short, animated videos. “Keep them around one-to-two minutes long to keep people engaged,” she said. 

Alethia relies on PosterMyWall for her design-related needs. “I love how you can type in one keyword and get ideas from thousands of templates. You can easily take single elements from a bunch of different designs to create your own unique poster,” she said.

Looking ahead

As the Conversations with Entrepreneurs podcast grows, Alethia hopes to reach more members of the local community. She also aims to help more of her fellow entrepreneurs with their journeys. 

Along the way, she will continue to use PosterMyWall to make creative, vibrant content that helps her achieve her mission to promote, educate, and inform.