23 incredible photo collage templates you can customize

We’ve got some amazing photo collage templates that you can customize in minutes and gift to your friends and family.

A photo collage is an incredible way to piece together the memories you’ve made with your friends and loved ones and display them in one gorgeous visual. Every time you feel like reminiscing on the good times, you can pull up the collage and relive the times you spent with the people you love. 

Collages also make for thoughtful gifts, whether you print one out and put it in a cute frame, or you post it online and tag the person it’s meant for. It’s a way to show people how much you mean to them, and how much you value the time you’ve spent together. Every time the other person will look at the collage you’ve given them, they’ll think of you and your friendship. 

With the right kind of photo collage, you can store memories and keep them with you for years. A special collage for a special occasion can make your relationships stronger, help you recall precious moments, and remind you of all the fun times you’ve experienced. 

With PosterMyWall, you can create some incredible photo collages with the most minimal amount of effort. Instead of worrying about whether or not your photo collage will look aesthetically pleasing (which it will), you can spend time choosing the best photos to add. Here are 25 photo collage templates that you can customize and send to your friends and family.

1. Remember summertime with the family

Immortalize the fun summer at home with your family with a dedicated collage, filled with warm colors and lots of love. 

2. Show your family some love

A fun collage with pictures of you and your family throughout the years will make for a perfect gift, especially for a son or daughter who’s moved away from home. 

3. Celebrate important milestones

Whether it’s a graduation, a birthday, or a wedding, make the person at the center of it feel important by making them a customized collage that celebrates their achievement.

4. Collect pictures from your travels

If you’ve been on a trip recently and want to keep all the gorgeous pictures you took in one place, update the location in the template. Then turn it into a photo collage and put it in your home as a conversation starter.

5. Say Merry Christmas with a dedicated collage 

Nothing says festive like a fun little collage with you and your family — including pictures of your loved ones opening presents, sitting by the fire, setting up the Christmas tree, and enjoying each other’s company. 

6. Make something special for a loved one

Whether it’s for your dad, mom, sibling, friend, or significant other, you can show them how much they mean to you with a special photo collage.

7. Make a family collage for the living room

Show your guests how close-knit you are with a special collage for your home. You can create one in minutes, print it out and hang it in your living room. 

8. Immortalize your trips abroad

Keep the memories of your trip abroad by keeping the most precious photos in a fun little photo collage that you can post on your Instagram.

9. Always keep the loved ones close

Never forget friends and family that have departed or that are no longer in your lives. Keep them in your memories with a beautiful, dedicated photo collage. 

10. Remember the good times in the sun

Did you take a beach trip this year? A fun spring trip perhaps? Share those memories with your friends with a fun photo collage.

11. Create an impactful collage with an important message

Do you have something you’re passionate about? Are you looking to make a change? A photo collage can send an important message without needing many words. 

12. Use pastel colors to spread some love

Show the world how much your parents, children, friends, and siblings mean to you with a special, colorful, wholesome photo collage. 

13. Appreciate your dad on their special day

For your next Father’s day brunch, print out a giant photo collage showing everything he’s done for family and friends. 

14. Show some team spirit

Celebrate your sports team with a dedicated photo collage. Add pictures of players in action and moments where you all came together as one unit. Also add your team colors and mascot. 

15. Make something special for your best friend

Do you have a friend who’s been there for you since day one? This year for their birthday, show them how much they mean to you. 

16. Remember precious holidays 

Whether it’s Christmas or Hanukkah, keep your holiday memories alive with a fun, themed photo collage. 

17. Keep your wedding memories alive

With some fun wedding photo collages, you can cherish the memories from your special day and keep them in your home forever.

18. Celebrate an anniversary 

This year for your anniversary, make your significant other a precious collage, filled with some of your most cherished memories together. 

19. Make a special Valentine’s Day collage

Filled with hues of pink, white, and some of your favorite pictures, a Valentine’s Day collage, printed out as a card will make for a perfect V-Day gift. 

20. Gift photo collage calendars to your loved ones

A photo collage calendar would also make for a perfect New Year gift. 

21. Capture the city lights

Had a fun and busy day out in the city? Immortalize it with a collection of amazing shots that you can share on your Instagram. 

22. Advertise products, tourist destinations, and must-try foods

If you run a blog or a small business, you’ll need a photo collage or two to show your audience the full range of what you have to offer. PosterMyWall’s photo collage maker can make it happen for you. 

23. Create a minimalist photo collage

Don’t want to overwhelm your collage with too much color? Our minimalist collage templates can help you design something simplistic and unique. 

Start your photo collage journey!

A good photo collage can make your life more beautiful in so many ways. So start creating one on PosterMyWall today. It’s quick, easy, and so much fun!

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