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3 new design guides updates for a seamless design experience

Make your designs look more professional and eye-catching with these brand new updates to our design guides.

At PosterMyWall, we want your design process to be as smooth and easy as possible. With the right tools and options, you can create a flyer, poster, brochure or social media graphic that looks both professional and amazing. To simplify your work, it’s always a good idea to work with design guides. 

We’ve just updated our design guides so that you can create some stunning designs without worrying about their intricacies. The PosterMyWall editor now has everything you’ll need to make sure your designs look absolutely beautiful. 

Here’s a breakdown of the updates. 

1. Add folds to your design

Folds are ideal for when you’re creating a brochure for your small business. But designing a brochure without considering the folds can be tricky. Luckily, PosterMyWall makes this process incredibly simple. 

If you’re creating a brochure in the PosterMyWall editor, use dashed lines (or folds) to make the job easier. To add folds to your brochure or pamphlet design, follow these steps: 

  1. Open your design in the PosterMyWall editor. 
  2. Without selecting any item, browse the right contextual menu. 
  3. Under the Layout tab, select Folds
  4. Select folds for your brochure of choice. 

You can add folds to your design for bi-fold, tri-fold, and four-panel brochures, in both horizontal and vertical orientation. It’s a good idea to use vertical folds for landscape designs and horizontal folds for portrait designs. 

Consider using US legal or flyer (US letter) sizes to get the best print results for your brochure. 

2. Introduce a grid overlay

Designing with a grid allows you to make accurate decisions regarding the placement of different elements and information. It can also help you create a more aesthetically pleasing design, which in turn will make the finished design look a lot more professional. 

With a grid overlay, you can also determine visual hierarchy and ensure that people view your design elements in the order you want them to. 

Now you can easily add a grid when working in the PosterMyWall editor. To add your grid: 

  1. Open your design in the PosterMyWall editor. 
  2. Without selecting anything, browse the right contextual menu. 
  3. Toggle on Grid under the Layout tab. 
  4. Use the Size slider to adjust the number of grid lines in your design. 

Note that your final downloaded design will not contain grid lines. 

3. Add bleed lines to your design

A rule of thumb when creating any design for printing is to leave space for bleed. A design lacking space for bleed may get cut off, leaving out necessary content.

Content should always be away from the edges to avoid it cutting off when printing. You can set a bleed line to mitigate this, which can be easily done using the PosterMyWall editor. A bleed line of 2 mm is sufficient in most cases. 

To add your bleed line, open your design in the editor, and browse the right contextual menu.

Under the Layout section, click the Bleed toggle. Set the bleed value of your choice. Select the Unit dropdown to change the value to either millimeters or inches. Save and download your design via the Order History page. 

Design guides are here to help you organize your work and save time. To try them out, just hop on to the PosterMyWall editor and start designing!

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