8 thoughtful and romantic Valentines day gifts for him

On this Valentines day, steal your special man’s heart all over again with these 8 swoon-worthy gift ideas.

Looking for something thoughtful to give to that special man in your life? This Valentines day, steal your man’s heart all over again with these swoon-worthy gift ideas. Show your boyfriend, fiance, or husband you care with personalized gifts as one of a kind as he is.

Subscription boxes

Subscription Boxes are an easy and effective way to show your affections. With subscription sites like Cratejoy or Lootcrate, you can easily select a carefully curated assortment of all types of goodies. 

There are boxes for basically any niche interest your guy could have: mixology, literature, barbecue, even cigars. 

The beauty of the subscription box is that you get a collection of the latest toys all conveniently packaged and delivered to your door, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Personalized star map

If you want to go for a gift that is highly romantic, how about a personalized star map that depicts the night sky from anywhere in the world at a specific moment in time? At thenightsky, you can order a custom design featuring the constellations as they were during any significant night of your choosing. 

It could be the moment you two first met, your first kiss, your anniversary, or any significant moment that the two of you shared. Any man is sure to go starry-eyed seeing your personal night sky.  

Custom wallet

If the man in your life is more of a pragmatic type, going for a practical gift is a safe option. With a custom wallet, you can give a gift that he will be sure to use without the risk of being cheesy. 

Added bonus: He will think of you every day when he uses his wallet, which is pretty romantic…

Spotify lighter

For the nostalgic paramour, this rustic lighter is personalized with a spotify code that scans in the app to play your special song. This is the perfect mix of sentimental and practical that your man will be sure to treasure forever.  

Sensual massage glide variety pack

If you are trying to create that certain kind of romantic Valentine’s Day *wink wink* try a variety of massage oils and see where that takes you. These luxurious massage oils are vegan and paraben free and come in six gourmet flavors like strawberry, coconut, and piña colada that will be sure to make this Valentine’s Day extra sweet. 

Custom bucket list

Source: Etsy

What could be more romantic than sharing your dreams and ambitions in a custom bucket list? These bucket list books are lovingly hand bound and completely personalized to tell the story of your relationship. This is the perfect way to let the man in your life know how excited you are to share your future.

Couples adventure challenge photobook

More than a simple photobook, this adventure challenge photobook is an invitation to adventure! It features scratch-off date ideas, so your dates are total surprises. There is only one rule- no take backs!  This is the gift that keeps on giving with a whole year of adventurous dates designed to explore new facets of your relationship with spontaneous adventures that will sweep you both off your feet.  

Personalized photo collage

If you and your significant other already have plenty of adventures under your belt, you can celebrate them with a beautifully designed Valentine’s Day collage.  Take a walk down memory lane with photos of the man in your life and give him a gift that displays any and every photo you have together.  


Whether your relationship is new or old, take the time this Valentine’s day to celebrate your relationship. Show the man in your life how much he means to you with a thoughtful gift he can cherish.