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Creating clear school communications in uncertain times: Interview with Tony Amezcua

Being a school coordinator in uncertain times means the need for an endless stream of visually interesting notices. Read on to learn how Tony Amezcua at Greenfield Union School District takes up this pressing task.

Nothing makes our day like when we hear the story of someone who is using PosterMyWall to engage with their community.  And it’s an added bonus when we learn that it’s helping educators – the people caring for our childrens’ minds, bodies and spirits – to do their jobs better. 

Previously we were inspired by Rachel who uses PosterMyWall to help her school district find the best people to fill open positions and to communicate about the 4H community. This month we met Tony Amezcua; the family and community coordinator at Greenfield Union School District in California.

Tony came to our attention when we noticed that the entire Greenfield Union School District started using PosterMyWall. Intrigued by what we saw, we reached out to hear how Tony first learned about PosterMyWall and how he’s used the online graphic design tool to serve his community.

Create school notices without wasting time

“My superintendent shared some examples of notices created in PosterMyWall and we were so impressed by how attention getting these items were,” said Tony. “I’d been experimenting with another program but it did not have the high quality and wide choice of visuals [templates] that you get with PosterMyWall.  Plus, the ability to translate PosterMyWall into the other languages has been easy – which is something that is so essential to us!”

Tony went on to say, “We were excited about these features in the free version; which helped us to create visuals that captured people’s attention. We needed parents and families to know about important meetings and issues.

Collaborate with your team for best results

But what has really made our lives so much easier is the fact that our PosterMyWall subscription (Greenfield Union School District now has a district-wide license supporting multiple users across five  schools) is how easily you can collaborate remotely. Say you start a design, but need additional information… you can share the design-in-progress so your colleague can easily see what you’re trying to convey. She can then add the needed details directly to your design and voila – it’s ready to go.”

PosterMyWall makes our jobs that much more enjoyable and definitely easier.

Tony Amezcua

“It has really made communicating over our social channels (Facebook, Instagram as well as email and website) a lot more visual; and that is what you have to do to catch people’s attention in today’s oversaturated online-information world.”

Tony shared examples of designs that have been the most effective in communicating with parents and district personnel.  He also said that he is really excited about the new tools on PosterMyWall, including direct publishing to social media and publishing directly to a list of email recipients.

Going forward

Although Tony says the Greenfield teachers haven’t tried out PosterMyWall’s free classroom accounts which enable students to create projects on PosterMyWall, he said he can see how this would be really useful.

We are looking forward to seeing more examples of creativity from the Greenfield Unified School District soon!