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10 ways to do fundraising on World Cancer Day

Planning to organize a fundraising event for World Cancer Day? Use these ideas to make the most out of your efforts.

Globally people come together to mark World Cancer Day on 4th February every year. The purpose of observing this day is to raise awareness about cancer and encourage them to get it diagnosed, treated, and prevented. Moreover, it evokes real emotions in people that can be channeled into fundraising activities. 

Fundraisers include various types of activities that people would be interested in attending or participating in. The more creative your idea is, the better your chances of raising a higher amount. While it should be enjoyable, it must also arouse generosity in people because many have permanently lost their loved ones to this disease and wouldn’t want more people to go through it.

Hence, here is a compilation of fundraising ideas to help you raise funds this World Cancer Day.


People are always up and ready to attend a concert. So, you can get in touch with a local band that people love and organize their concert on World Cancer Day. At the concert, you can arrange a fundraiser to inform people about the importance of this day and your cause. Request people to donate generously. Besides that, you can also use the money made from selling tickets for the event as funds. 

Bake sale

You can hold a bake sale on the said date and use the money you collect from selling homemade bakery items to support your cause. You must also mention that you are raising funds for cancer through the bake sale so that people would contribute to the fundraising. 

Dinner party

Organize a dinner party to invite all your volunteers and supporters to pitch their bit in fundraising. Design a poster to inform people about your cause. Here are some World Cancer Day posters that you can use. 

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For the donation, you can either keep a small fee for the event or ask these people to make a small donation at the dinner party. Besides helping you raise the donation, this dinner can be a great way to educate attendees about your cause.

Cinema screening

As long as your fundraising activity is light and fun, people would gladly visit. So, another activity that you can plan is to screen a movie to support your cause. Book a movie screening hall, then invite the masses to attend it. 

While inviting people, inform them about your cause and the purpose of this activity. You can do that by designing a World Cancer Day poster. There are plenty of templates on PosterMyWall that you can use to design your poster conveniently. 

 After the movie ends, call out the attendees’ names and request them to do their part for your fundraiser.

Matched giving

Get in touch with some local corporates and business houses to sponsor your cause and arrange a matched giving fundraiser. This event is all about dealing with the psychology of donors. The purpose is to allow the donors to believe that whatever they pitch in will have a double impact on fundraising. This means that for every dollar they donate to the fund, an equivalent amount will be added to their funds.


One of the best fundraising ideas in today’s age and time is crowdfunding. It is not only cost-effective but also takes minimal effort to arrange. The reason is that you can organize an individual campaign for crowdfunding online. Use a social site or your site to contribute to a personal or general cancer-related cause. The money you raise can then be used to serve the cancer community.

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Luminaria ceremony

Luminaria ceremonies are one of the best ways to serve the cause of cancer as it honors the ones who have lost their battles against it. Moreover, you can also ask people to contribute and help raise money for those still fighting to beat it.

You can either hold a fundraising ceremony at a particular time and place in the event or sell luminaria kits to raise funds.  


One of the fundraising staples is walkathons. They help you raise money while encouraging people to exercise all at once. It can be an excellent activity for cancer-related causes. For instance, the Breast Cancer Walk.

A specific organization or community usually arranges these walkathons and asks contributors to base their donations on the distance they manage to walk.

Organize a tree planting event

Another activity that offers double value to the contributors is a tree planting fundraiser. The participants will plant trees to pay tribute to the people fighting cancer. Moreover, you can ask people to pitch in donations for cancer research or treatment. And besides being a great activity to raise funds, it is also an environmentally friendly event that will leave a lasting impression on participants.

You can also sell saplings at the event and use the money to contribute to the fund. 

Arrange a hospital breakfast

Small gestures of kindness can create a huge impact. You can arrange a hospital breakfast for someone hospitalized or generally for any cancer patient. You will earn a place in their heart by hosting a hospital breakfast.

To make this happen, partner with a hospital and use the cafeteria to host the breakfast. Send out invites to the community members to participate and help you raise money.

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Wrapping up

Creative fundraising ideas brighten the chances of raising a better amount and serve your fundraising efforts well. So, this World Cancer Day, market your fundraising cause uniquely and get a satisfying outcome of all your efforts. Use the help of all marketing resources, including social media, to spread the word about your activities.