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How Confident Queen uses PosterMyWall to express her inner superhero

Are you looking for tips to be your most confident self and promote it as a brand online? Here’s some great advice for you!

Even the most unusual personalities can create and promote their unique brand with PosterMyWall. Case in point: Genny Jones, a.k.a. the Confident Queen

Genny’s unique combination of humor and inspiration has earned her a cult following. She even appeared on Britain’s Got Talent where she sang to millions of people — and received a hug from perennially grumpy judge Simon Cowell. 

When we learned that Genny is a PosterMyWall user, we had to share her story.

How and why did you develop your Confident Queen persona?

I’m an accountant by day, but I’ve also created a persona — Confident Queen. When I became a single parent, I went through a lot. When I came through it and regained my confidence, I decided I wanted to teach others — especially women and children — how to be their best selves. To that end, I dress up, sing, and have a good time.  

I do this because I want kids around the world to embrace the gift of confidence. I want to help kids grow into adults with resilience; I want them to be able to drive through life with flair.

What awards and recognition have you earned?

(Genny was too modest to discuss this, so we pulled together a list.)

  • Included on The Independent’s list of top 100 happy people in the UK making a difference
  • Nominated for Love UK Award 2016
  • Nominated for Halifax Giving Extra Award and Pride of Britain ITV Meridian Region 2013
  • Awarded the Life Changers Award 2010 
  • Awarded the Barclays Bank Trading Places Award 2010
  • Finalist for Mumprenur Idol  
  • Listed as one of the top 100 businesses owned by mums in the UK 
  • Awarded the British Female Inventors and Innovations Network Special Recognition Award in 2011
  • Awarded the Secret Society of Happy People Award in 2011

1. Explore the wide variety of ready-made graphic and video templates

What challenges led you to PosterMyWall?

As I developed Confident Queen, I found it hard to make the graphics and such for social media. I tried another platform but I knew there had to be a way to do this myself. My friend Emma was taking a social media class and through that class, I learned about PosterMyWall. My other friend’s daughter, Jessica, had also created a wonderful poster which she said she had made using PosterMyWall.

When I played with PosterMyWall, what excited me was how simple it was. And when I discovered all the ready-made templates, I was like a child on Christmas.

2. Watch free classes to learn more about design and marketing

We hear you learned some new skills from one of our free classes… 

The class was on creating holiday video cards. It was so empowering to learn to add my own videos to my posters. This class really helped in my journey to feeling confident online. 

3. Add fun stock graphics to elevate your designs

Besides video, what other tools do you use to create strong graphics?

I love being able to use the wonderful stock photos, as well as my own. And I love the pre-designed graphics where all I need to do is drop in my logo.

4. Repurpose your designs to post on multiple platforms

We see that you are active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. How do you have enough time to create content for all three platforms?

I make my designs and then I use the images across my social media — and also on my blogs. It really takes the pain out of social media. The searches on PosterMyWall give you so many options, I’m spoiled by all of the choices. And it’s really quite good that in addition to the many content choices, you also have choices of format. For my videos, I can do gifs as well as regular video files. And I can resize videos to flyers and vice versa.

My goal is to create an amazing social media presence for myself, so that people are prompted to check out my stuff. 

Do you have any secrets for keeping people engaged? 

I like to create designs that mark fun holidays — like National Dress Up Your Pet Day, National Hugging Day, and Singles Awareness Day. My holiday selections and the style of my graphics reflect my brand: fun-loving and inspirational.

5. Use your content to highlight your brand

Do you use PosterMyWall to support your accounting business too?

I used PosterMyWall to create a purple and gold branding scheme for my business. Branding is so important to me, especially when it comes to promoting my business. I add a logo, and colors and images that reflect what my business is. People are so taken aback to see such a bright communication from an accounting professional. That and my humor are what set me apart. 

The multitude of designs available on PosterMyWall really helps me capture attention and tell stories, sometimes even without needing to write any text. Even my son thinks I’m creative — and it’s hard to impress your own kids!

Thank you, Genny! We wish you the best of luck.

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