How to promote a barber shop (+ templates for barber flyers)

From creating barber flyers to drawing up attractive price lists, learn cost-effective and proven methods from promoting your barber shop.

Do you know who one of your major barber shop competitors is?

No, we aren’t talking about XYZ Barber Shop down the road. We’re referring to YouTube.

Because with YouTube providing educational content on practically any subject out there, people might decide to DIY their haircuts instead of going to a barber. And when they do so, not only might they end up with a bad hairdo: you also lose out on business.

To get people to entrust their hair into the hands of a professional, you’ll need to raise awareness of your barber services. And your barber shop marketing efforts need not cost a fortune: keep reading as we share four cost-effective and proven methods for promoting a barber shop.

Design a meaningful barber shop logo that gets you noticed and remembered. The goal is for a person on the street to see your logo and immediately say “Ah, I know this barber! It’s [insert the name of your barber shop here].”

When designing your barber shop logo, play around with:

  • Striking colors
  • Unique fonts
  • Stunning imagery

The logo for Punch Barber Shop ticks off all the above boxes:

While you could hire a professional designer to design your logo, they might charge quite a bit for their services. The more affordable method is to grab a barber shop logo template and customize it to fit your brand.

Customize this barber shop logo template

2. Post barber flyers on social media

While flyer distribution is a tried-and-tested marketing method, don’t limit yourself to handing out paper flyers! These flyers easily get crumpled up and thrown away, causing your printing costs to go down the drain.

Instead, post your barber shop flyers on social media. Because after you’ve designed your flyer once, you can then post it virtually unlimited times on all your socials at no extra cost.

Be sure to use attention-grabbing images and copy too, like what The A Street Barber Shop has done:

PosterMyWall offers hundreds of barber flyer templates just waiting to be turned into one-of-a-kind barber flyers. Simply choose your favorite barber flyer design, then use our drag-and-drop editor to add your own text and images.

Customize barber shop flyer template here.

3. Create a well-designed price list

This is one tactic you absolutely must do, because so many other barber shops skip it. They simply print a list of their prices in black text on a piece of white paper, and stick it on their wall. Or if they’re displaying their price list on their website, then they format their prices in a default bulleted list.


You can easily beat such barber shops by incorporating good-quality graphics into a neatly designed barber price list template. Here’s a price list from Modern Man Barbers for inspiration:

Their price list is simple, yet elegant. And that splash of color at the top readily catches your eye, inviting you to read on.

Want to design your own barber shop price list? Then this PosterMyWall barber price list template will get you started:

Customize barber shop price list flyer here.

4. Run promotions to attract new customers

A well-planned promotion can do wonders in drawing in the crowds. After all, who doesn’t love getting something for cheaper than usual?

Ideas for barbershop promotions include:

  • Offering two haircuts for the price of one for customers who bring a friend
  • Giving a 15% discount on trims during off-peak hours
  • Selling packages where customers will pay for 10 haircuts upfront and get two free

You can also extend a 25% discount to all new customers and customers who haven’t patronized your shop in the last 12 months, like what OutPost Barber Shop has done:

You’ll also need to publicize your promotions to generate interest in them—and this is where you’ll tap on the power of social media. Create social media posts containing high-quality images to advertise your promotions, and post them up. Then watch, as word of your promotions spreads far and wide.

Customize barber shop flyer here

Boost sales for your barber shop

While marketing a business might have previously called for engaging an (expensive) marketing team, this is no longer the case with PosterMyWall’s massive collection of graphic design templates. Whichever marketing collateral you need for your barber shop, chances are we’ve got a template for that.

Our easy-to-use template editor will help you customize your chosen barber shop templates to perfection. After that, download your creations for unlimited posting on social media for free. There’s no easier or more cost-effective way of promoting your barber shop, so start designing with the PosterMyWall free flyer maker today!