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How to create and play professional digital display content for your business

In just two simple steps, you can create and run gorgeous, professional digital display content easily and affordably.

Are you looking to create gorgeous, professional digital display content in an easy and affordable way, then play it on screens in your store or restaurant? In this week’s PosterMyWall free class, Emily Cardew, brand ambassador of Yodeck, demonstrated a super-easy process for creating content with PosterMyWall and then loading it to your digital signage screen in minutes–using the Yodeck digital display content management platform. 

You can use digital signage to promote pretty much anything — your school, restaurant, hotel, office, you name it. With PosterMyWall and Yodeck, you can create and display all kinds of promotional content on your digital signage screen — price lists, special offers, event details, customer testimonials, and everything in between. The best part is, it’s all super affordable and your content can be customized and updated immediately at your convenience. 

What is Yodeck?

Yodeck is a cloud-based digital signage company that will help you design, schedule, and display your digital signage content affordably and professionally. 

What is an easy way to create and play digital signage content at a store, office, or restaurant?

There are two simple steps to putting up gorgeous digital display content on your screen:

Step 1: Customize a PosterMyWall template and create your design

Step 2: Upload and run it on your screens with Yodeck

Read on to find out how to do both, or watch a replay of the class above. We’ve also got some exciting bonus content for you  — lots of digital signage templates to customize and an offer to install the Yodeck system on one screen for free. 

How do you customize your design with PosterMyWall?

The first thing you have to do is pick a template in PosterMyWall that is relevant to your business to customize. You can choose from menus, price lists, digital posters, video content, and lots of other types of promotional templates

Once you’ve selected a template, it’s time to start customizing. Here are some things you can play around with in the editor:

Add a logo to your design

Add a logo to your design by clicking on “Photo” on the left side of the PosterMyWall editor. Choose “Add from my photos,” then select your logo file to add it to the template. Once your logo appears in PosterMyWall you can drag it into place, change its size, or rotate it. 

How do I animate a design with stickers?

Animated stickers and clip art can make your design even more appealing. Go to “Elements” on the left of the editor. Then scroll to choose a fun animated sticker that will make your design stand out. You can search for the perfect sticker by typing relevant keywords into the search bar. Once you’ve settled on something you like, simply click on “Add Sticker.” 

How do I create a digital menu?

PosterMyWall’s menu tool allows you to create a gorgeous digital menu with the ability to add items, change descriptions, and adjust prices in just a few minutes.

This is something that will appeal particularly to restaurant and cafe owners — and other businesses that publish a price list or menu of services. 

If you’re using a template that already has a menu set up, simply click the menu content and then select “Edit”. 

A pop-up will appear. Use it to adjust the menu format, add items, and update pricing and descriptions. Once you’re done, click on “Apply Changes.” Then use the standard editing tools on the right of your screen to customize your menu’s fonts, font sizes, colors, and other visual attributes. 

How can I animate text or add a text, photo, or video slideshow to my digital graphic?

Slideshows are the perfect way to create dynamic and engaging content for your audience. To add a text slideshow, click on “Text” on the left side of the editor. Then, click on “Add Slideshow”. 

Use the editing tools on the right of the editor to add multiple slides of text, change the order, assign a particular time duration to each slide, change fonts, and add transitions. 

Text slideshow is ideal if you want to tell your audience multiple things without adding too much copy to your graphic. For instance, rather than sharing a long list of your smoothie flavors, you can create a text slideshow to cycle through the options one at a time. 

It’s equally easy to add images, photos, and videos to your design. And important because those grab the most attention. To add a photo or video slideshow, simply click “Add Slideshow” from the media menu. Upload your own video clip or enter a keyword to search the stock video library.  Once the video is added to your design, adjust the size and drag it into place.

Use the menu on the right to add more photos and videos to create a slideshow. You can adjust slide settings and video length in the same menu. 

Publish your finalized design

Once you’re happy with your digital display content, click on “Publish” in the top right corner of the editor, and then “Digital Signage” from the pop-up menu. Select Yodeck from the list of options. You’ll get a link which you will have to copy. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to publish with Yodeck.

How do I send a graphic or video to the Yodeck digital display system? 

First, log into your Yodeck account

Next, go into the Widgets tab and click “Add Widget”. Select “PosterMyWall” from the list of options. 

Now, give a name and a description to your campaign. Paste in the Yodeck link that you copied at the end of Step 1. If you’d like, you can toggle the default duration of your digital content, or add a specific starting and ending time and date for your campaign (perfect for seasonal promotion or for displaying specials). 

Once your content has been added, you can add it to an existing playlist or layout. Or you can schedule it to play immediately. To do the latter, click on “Add Entry,” and specify the details requested. 

And just like that, you’re done! The content will be playing on your screen within seconds.

Are you ready to create and put up your own digital display content?

As you can see, it’s incredibly simple to create and play digital display content with PosterMyWall and Yodeck. And with PosterMyWall’s library of promotional design templates, you can get started right away.

Bonus: Get your one free screen with Yodeck.