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Sell more summer trips with travel posters and more!

As the summer travel season begins, learn how to use travel posters and other effective tactics to promote your travel agency’s summer trips.

The last two years have been hard on travel agencies, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing borders to close and travelers to cancel their vacations. But the world is opening up, and people are looking to resume travel with a vengeance!

As travel tech company Amadeus shares in a global Rebuild Travel survey report, 77% of travelers surveyed are eager to travel and hope to do so in 2022. If this isn’t good news for your travel agency as summer approaches, then we don’t know what is.

To capture this pent-up demand for travel, you’ll need to promote your summer trips far and wide. We’ve put together this quick guide to help you with just that, so keep reading!

1. Create summer travel flyers

Want more people to fly? Then create more flyers!

All right, that was a pretty bad pun. But we’re serious when we say that creating summer travel flyers can work wonders for promoting your summer trips. Because when designed well using stunning graphics, these flyers help viewers imagine themselves on an idyllic vacation—and get them signing right up for your summer trips.

For example, check out this summer travel flyer created by Aquaterra Adventures to publicize its summer whitewater rafting expeditions:

Just look at those waves! And the promised adrenaline rush from rafting through 40 kilometers (approximately 24.8 miles) of whitewater! Are you excited? We sure are.

With PosterMyWall, creating such travel posters is a breeze. Simply grab one of our templates for travel posters, then customize them with the details of your summer trips using our drag-and-drop design editor.

Customize travel poster template here.

2. Post exciting summer travel videos

Once you’re a pro at creating flyers, try your hand at creating videos for your summer trips. While videos can be more resource-intensive to produce, they paint a more vivid picture of your summer trips than a single static image ever can.

In particular, we like this Albania tour video that Tour Real posted on Instagram:

The video is shot from the perspective of a traveler, letting viewers put themselves in the shoes of a person taking in all that Albania has to offer. And if they really want to experience Albania in person, then they’ll have to book Tour Real’s summer trips.

You don’t need to splurge on expensive camera gear to produce beautiful videos, either. Modern smartphones are packed with fantastic camera tech that can do the job wonderfully. PosterMyWall also supports video uploads, so use our platform to add text and images to your footage. After that, download your polished video creations for sharing everywhere.

Customize travel video template here.

3. Hold a giveaway

Say the word “giveaway” and people’s ears will instantly perk up. After all, there’s a special thrill in trying your luck to win something—and especially if it doesn’t cost you a thing to take part. And you can apply this marketing tactic to promote your summer trips too.

Start by deciding what your giveaway prize will be. This can be cash or vouchers, for instance. Or if you’re feeling especially generous, you can offer to sponsor an all-expenses-paid summer trip for one lucky winner!

Next, publicize your giveaway on social media. Inform your followers of the giveaway, and what they’ll have to do if they want to enter. To generate free publicity for your giveaway, it’s common to require participants to share your giveaway post with their followers, or tag their friends.

Finally, set a deadline for the giveaway to inspire urgency!

If you need ideas on organizing a giveaway, The Arrangers Tour and Travel Agency had a pretty good giveaway happening on its Facebook page recently:

Source: The Arrangers Tour and Travel Agency

May demand for your summer trips reach soaring new heights!

Summer trip itineraries? Check.

Manpower to manage summer trip inquiries from interested customers? Check.

With all that settled, the final step is to promote your summer trips! Whether you’ll be creating flyers (such as summer travel flyers or travel agency flyers) or videos, holding a giveaway, or doing something else, PosterMyWall can help you design the marketing collateral you’ll need to get the word out on your summer trips.

We’ve got a wide range of templates for every marketing need, and an intuitive design editor for creating professional-looking designs without hiring a graphic designer. Start using PosterMyWall to promote your summer trips today.