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How to organize an Easter egg hunt at home (with free Easter flyer templates)

Easter is just around the corner – give out Easter flyers for the best Easter egg hunt happening at your home.

The traditional American Easter egg hunt dates back to the 18th century when the children’s activity merged with religious holiday celebrations. Nowadays, Easter is almost unimaginable without a group of children running around the house looking for colored eggs. Whether you are planning to have a big Easter brunch or simply inviting the children of your neighborhood, it is easy to plan an Easter egg hunt at your own house. 

There are outdoor activities, a light-hearted competition, colorful eggs, and best of all, presents. While you are probably aware of the modern game of hiding boiled or plastic eggs filled with candies for the children to find, different versions of this Easter tradition have been around for centuries. 

This year, for your kids and those of your neighbors, organize an Easter egg hunt at your own house. It is easy with lots of fun. Here are some of the best tips you need to host a great Easter egg hunt at home. 

Easter Eggs

As any kid would say, an egg hunt is the best part of an Easter celebration. 

Get eggs

Get lots of eggs either plastic or chocolate if you want to make it a little sweeter for the kids. Some famous chocolates to use for the Easter egg hunt are Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies, Cadbury mini eggs, and Kinder surprise eggs. If you prefer plastic eggs, do not forget to fill them with some gold chocolate coins, candies, or small toys. You can even put some pieces of LEGO in different plastic eggs and get the kids to assemble them once they have found all the eggs. You can hide real eggs as well at your Easter egg hunt. In case of that, you should boil and dye them at least a week before so you do not stress out about them being ready for the event.  

Hide the eggs

Hiding the eggs is the fun part for the hosts. If you are keeping them outdoors, you can hide them on branches, flower pots, or even in the mailbox. Inside, hide them under the tables, chairs, or on bookshelves. 

Where you hide the eggs depends on the age of your children and their neighborhood friends. Hide them in open places to keep it easy for the little ones, and make it a little challenging for the older children. 

Count the eggs 

Sometimes, even the host forgets about those clever hiding places. This is when counting the eggs before hiding them comes to help. When you are certain that the kids have found all the eggs, it is then time for them to get the rewards. 

Ready, Set, Hunt

Your neighborhood probably has kids of all different ages. Let the kids start by age groups. Once the littlest hunters go, start a countdown of your choice before giving the older children the go-ahead. 

Hang Easter decorations 

Your house should be decorated so that everyone knows they are coming to an Easter egg hunt at your home. The first step is to hang pastel balloons outside your place. Set out props related to the event so that it becomes more exciting for the kids. Set a pastel-color theme for tablecloths and streamers. 

Get the word out

While you plan to host an Easter egg hunt at your home, it is necessary to let the kids in your neighborhood know about it. Putting out posters can help you tell your neighbors about the hunt. You can also give out flyers to give them a little more insight into the hunt you are planning to host. 

Try using flyer templates by PosterMyWall to design Easter flyers for your Easter egg hunt. The great thing about these flyer templates is that the layout is designed by professionals, so all you need to do is add your event details, save, download then print. 

Do not stop the fun!

The fun does not need to end when the last egg is found. Plan on some creative Easter games and activities for children of all ages to get the fun going. 

Easter egg bowling

Set up Easter egg bowling for the kids to extend the fun after all the eggs have been found. For Easter egg bowling, you need some decorated or colorful eggs, plus a white egg and you are all set to play the game. 

Easter Bunny toss

Once all the eggs have been found, get the kids ready for lots of more fun with the Easter bunny toss game. Set up buckets and let the kids take the turns throwing the pom-pom bunnies into them. Keep track of scores – whoever leads the points table wins. 

Wrapping it up

It is easier to incorporate tradition and religion into your children when you make it enjoyable for them. This year, make it exciting for the kids and give them some extra detective work by planning a perfect Easter egg hunt at your home.