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4 marketing strategies for Mother’s Day at your restaurant

Establish your restaurant as the place to be this Mother’s Day with these 4 out-of-the-box Mother’s Day marketing strategies.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means sons and daughters everywhere will be trying to secure a restaurant reservation to treat their moms to a special brunch, lunch, or dinner. As a restaurant, you need to do everything from offering special deals to celebrating the day on social media so people know that your establishment is the place to be on Mother’s Day. 

Apart from having an amazing mother’s day menu, there’s a lot you can do to stand out from the crowd and promote your restaurant on Mother’s day. But if you’re stumped, don’t worry. In this blog post, we’ve put together some creative and effective marketing strategies to help you get your restaurant ready in time for Mother’s Day. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Center the mothers in your promotions

Mother’s Day is all about making the moms feel special. If you’re able to do that, people will be more likely to bring their mothers to your restaurant because they’ll know that they’ll get special treatment. 

Give every mother who comes to your restaurant on Mother’s Day a complimentary rose and some chocolates. Or, offer them a free gift. Something like a small piece of jewelry or a Mother’s Day card wrapped in cute wrapping paper would definitely make her day. 

Once you decide on how you’re going to make moms feel special at your restaurant, promote it on your social media. In your promotions, let people know that you have a special surprise for their mothers.

You can create really cute Mother’s Day sale flyers on PosterMyWall. Add some nice, pastel colors and some pretty graphics, then post them to your social media directly through PosterMyWall. 

2. Offer moms a free dessert

Create a special limited-edition dessert menu for the mothers who come to your restaurant. Once everyone is done with their meal, show the menu to the mom or moms in attendance. They can choose one dessert of their liking and have it for free. 

This is not only a really sweet strategy but also an incredibly smart one. If one person at the table gets a free dessert, chances are, everyone else will order something to eat with them as well. 

Once again, make sure to share this promotion on your social media. You can share the menu directly or you can share a poster that invites people to come to your restaurant on Mother’s Day and check out the special menu. 

Rally Pizza in Vancouver offered some delicious desserts to mothers for Mother’s Day, absolutely free. The offer was a huge hit!

Source: Rally Pizza

3. Organize a Mother’s Day event

To get more people into your restaurant on Mother’s Day, host a special event for them to enjoy. Make sure your event goes with the vibe of your restaurant. For instance, if you’re running a bar, offer free drinks to moms and some karaoke, and create a fun night out for them. 

If you’re running a fancy restaurant, you can host a brunch event. Offer bottomless mimosas and invite a local band to come and perform. You can even create an outdoor dance floor for mothers to have a good time. 

Another idea for a fun event could be a Mother’s Day quiz night. Mothers and kids can sign up as teams and compete with other mothers and their kids. The quiz could include general knowledge questions or questions specifically about mothers and Mother’s Day. 

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You can get inspiration for some more creative and fun events from restaurants like Mei Mei Street Kitchen in Boston. For Mother’s Day, they offered a free dumpling-making class. All attendants got to take the finished product home to their families. 

Ask people to sign up for the event beforehand so that you can have an idea of the number of people who will show up. 

4. Decorate your space for Mother’s Day

The prettier and more aesthetic your restaurant looks, the more people will document their experience there. This will not only make for a lovely Mother’s Day at your restaurant, but it will also get you some valuable exposure. More people will find out about your restaurant, and you’ll see increased foot traffic even after Mother’s Day is over. 

So spend some time on readying your space for Mother’s Day. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Make a flower wall that people can take pictures in front of 
  • Add some cute scented candles to each table
  • Place pastel-colored napkins on tables e.g. lavender and baby pink 
  • Play some fun, relaxing music in the background 
  • Have all your staff wear tiny purple flower pins 
Source: Elledecor

Make sure to have a theme so that your decorations don’t look like they’re all over the place. 

Start your Mother’s Day promotion today!

It’s never too early to start planning for Mother’s Day at your restaurant. The sooner you start, the sooner people can sign up for your event or make their plans.

You can use PosterMyWall’s range of menu templates, card templates, and social media templates to create a gorgeous and holistic marketing campaign in no time at all. Once you’re done, you can start posting to social media straight from the site. So start your Mother’s Day promotion today and make mothers everywhere feel special!

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