4 unique Eid gift ideas for your loved ones

Check out these Eid gift ideas for your friends and family, and help make their Eid extra-special this year.

For Muslims all over the world, Eid is a lovely time meant for delicious food, gifts, and quality time with friends and family. It’s also an incredibly spiritual time, as the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end and the act of fasting every day subsides. 

With Eid just around the corner, it’s time for you to start thinking about presents for your friends and family. Of course, you want to get them something meaningful that shows them how much you value their presence in your life. But sometimes, despite the bond you may share with a loved one, it’s really hard to come up with gift ideas.

If you’re stumped for Eid gift ideas, don’t worry. This Eid gift guide will ease your pain. We’ve made a list of some Eid gifts that everyone will love and adore you for. Let’s take a look!

1. Create a sentimental Eid photo collage

Nothing says personalized and special like a dedicated photo collage. The range of photos you add to the collage shows how much you’ve valued your time and experiences together. Plus, a collage is something you can cherish forever because it is not perishable. A digital collage is also great if your loved one lives in another city or country. 

Create a special Eid-themed collage by gathering photos of you and your loved one from previous Eid celebrations. This works best if you’re making the collage for a sibling or a parent. You can dig out some treasured photos from when you were a little child. If you haven’t known your loved one since childhood and this is just your first or second Eid together, you can find some photos from other special occasions that you’ve spent together. 

Once you have your photos, it’s time to start working on the collage. PosterMyWall makes this process super easy. All you have to do is find a collage template that you like, then customize it in the editor (by adding your best photos with the gift recipient), and either send it directly to your loved one or print it out and frame it. The process of creating your collage will take no more than a few minutes. 

2. Bake some crescent and star-shaped cookies

Know someone who has a sweet tooth? Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” like a special dessert that they can store over a couple of days. Trust us, no one will be mad about a free dessert as an Eid gift. Plus, the labor of love that goes into making cookies for Eid will show your loved one that you’re thinking about them on this special day. 

Make sure to bake your cookies a day before you’re planning on meeting your loved one. Store them in a cute little glass jar that you can decorate with glitter glue, ornaments, and craft paper. Maybe write your loved one’s name on the top to make it extra special. 

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You can use this recipe for vanilla sugar cookies to make your cookies. Make sure to get crescent and star-shaped cookie cutters so you can give your cookies a nice, Eid theme. 

Now let’s look at some more Eid gift ideas!

3. Get them a prayer set 

As we mentioned before, Eid is a very spiritual time for Muslims. You can make the occasion more special and sacred for your loved one by gifting them a portable prayer set as an Eid gift that they can carry with them everywhere. 

Of course, you can buy a ready-made set. However, it would be a lot more personalized if you put together the set yourself, with some things that you know your loved one would appreciate a lot. 

Here are a few things that should go in your custom prayer set:

  • A tiny portable prayer mat, perhaps in your loved one’s favorite color
  • Praying beads, in the same color as the mat
  • Footrest or armrest 
  • Praying cap (for a man) or a praying scarf (for a woman)
  • Small glass water bottle
  • Tiny book stand 

Put all of your items in a decorated box, wrap it up, add a bow, and voila! You’ve just created an incredibly thoughtful, spiritual Eid gift. 

4. Gift them some minimalist jewelry 

A small trinket, bracelet, or pendant can do wonders for solidifying your relationship with your loved one and make for an amazing Eid gift. The piece of jewelry, whatever it is, can have sentimental value and will be cherished by your friend or family member forever. 

Based on what your loved one prefers, you can get them a bracelet, a pendant, or an ear cuff, in either gold or silver. All these options can be tiny and minimalist i.e. something your loved one can wear every day to remember you by. 

With jewelry, it’s also a good idea to get a hint about what they like, because people can have very particular tastes. So have a conversation with them about their jewelry preferences before you purchase the piece. After all, you want them to genuinely like what you get them. 

5. Pair your Eid gifts with a special Eid card

This Eid gift guide would be incomplete without tips on how to create the most incredible and thoughtful Eid card. With PosterMyWall, you can find an Eid card template that you like, add your loved one’s name and any special message for them, and create a truly magical Eid gift.

Customize Eid card here.
Customize Eid card template here.

A good Eid card will have a thoughtful message, some pretty designs, and fun colors that pop. make sure the aesthetic of your card matches that of your gift. Based on your Eid gift, you can create a tiny foldable Eid card or a big one. Or you can even send your loved one who lives far away a digital card.

Start your Eid gift planning today!

It’s never too early to start planning out the Eid gifts you want to get for your friends and family. With this Eid gift guide, you can save yourself the panic of last-minute gift collecting by starting the process as soon as possible. This is especially important if there’s an element of arts and crafts in your present. Eid Mubarak!

New to PosterMyWall? Go through our range of Eid templates to create thoughtful Eid cards to go along with all your presents.