5 hot summer promotional ideas to increase sales

Looking to increase summer sales? Here are 5 summer promotional ideas to help your business shine this summer.

Sure, summer may not be here yet. But it’s right around the corner, and that’s all the excuse we need to start planning out our summer festivities. And if you’re a retailer, you should probably be doing the same thing. There’s nothing a customer loves more about the sunny season than a hot sale on their favorite summer items. Which is why this is the perfect time for you to get an early start on your summer marketing. 

If you’re wondering how to get started on your summer promotional tactics, have no worries. Here’s a list of fabulous and foolproof summer promotional ideas to kick off your sale strategy in style. 

Create summer product bundles

Customers love a good bargain, especially if it consists of their favorite summer products bundled together in an offer they can’t refuse. Which is why one of the most useful summer promotional ideas is to create awesome product bundles to promote sales of more products. 

Bundle up summertime products that are related or can be used together. Brands like Bath and Body Works regularly bundle up their seasonal products into a promotional bundle in order to appeal more to customers. This not only allows customers to get a great deal on their favorite products, but also encourages them to buy such bundles for a variety of purposes such as gift-giving. 

There are a ton of ways you can bundle up your products. If you’re a restaurant owner, you can offer a special summer deal of one summer salad and one summertime smoothie at a discounted price. If you own a skincare store, you can bundle up your sunscreen with your special summertime moisturizer and body mist. 

Have an offer ready for every summertime holiday 

The great thing about summer is that you get to celebrate the warm, sunny weather, and also look forward to all the holidays and festivities the season brings with it. There are a ton of holidays and celebrations that fall within the summer season. And as a retailer looking to increase sales, you need to take advantage of them all. 

Plan out special summer promotional offers for all the holidays that pop up during the summer. You can offer a special patriotic discount for the 4th of July, and a gift bundle for Fathers’ Day. You can also bring notice to some of the lesser known festivities, like Summer Solstice and National Best Friends Day. 

If you’re wondering how to use the holidays to promote your sales, we can give you some ideas. You can keep it subtle and use quality photography to showcase your product without hinting at a sale or offer, like Micheal Kors did in their #WhatsinyourKors 4th of July campaign. Alternatively, you can play it like Coca Cola and offer a great discount that you can show off through a fabulously designed poster. Use PosterMyWall to find the perfect retail sale poster and customize it to match your needs as a retailer. Then use it as the face of your seasonal campaign and put it up in your store and your social media to gain more traction and to get people excited about your promotions. 

Host a summer giveaway 

What do customers love more than a great deal? A great deal that they can get for free. Which is why a giveaway is the perfect summer advertising strategy to help promote your seasonal products. 

You can host a social media contest and ask customers to post pictures of their favorite purchase on Facebook or Instagram, tag your brand and your hashtag, and talk about why the purchase is their favorite. Choose a few winners from the contest entries and offer a basket of summertime products as a special giveaway. To encourage sales, you can give away some coupons or discount vouchers offering customers 15% off or more on their purchase of summertime products. This “comment-to-win giveaway” by Causebox is a great example of how to engage followers and get them excited for your products.  

Increase foot traffic with a special sign

Sometimes, you have to add one or two traditional methods to your strategy, because the truth is, a lot of them are still just as useful today as they were back then. Some great summer promotional ideas are to utilize the classic sale poster, and place it in a position where it catches everyone’s attention. 

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Use PosterMyWall to find the perfect sale poster to match your needs. Hop onto the editor to customize it according to your brand. Create an eye-catching and attention-grabbing sale flyer, poster, or banner  by announcing your sale offer using a big, bold font that’s hard to miss. Add some summer elements to your poster to give off that sunny vibe. Make sure the colors of the poster match your brand image as well as your summertime theme. 

Customize summer sale poster here.

Once your sale poster is ready, look for the perfect display option. You can add it to your window display to catch the attention of any customer that walks by your store. You can also put it up in other public areas near your location. A fun thing to do is to add arrows to your poster and put them up strategically so they lead a customer directly to your store. 

McDonald’s started a clever summer campaign to promote their new drink by creating posters in the shape of blinds and adding them to bus stops. The poster talks about staying cool and in the shade for summer and is only visible when the blinds are closed, which definitely gets people’s attention. 

Offer a summery in-store experience 

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If you want customers to visit your store or establishment and spend more money, you need to provide them with an environment that encourages them to come in and stay. 

Offer the perfect in-store summertime experience for your customers by setting up your place according to summer themes. You can opt for a beach theme and hang cardboard cutout surfboards and sun shapes from the ceiling. Play a catchy summertime tune in the background. Offer your guests a free drink or sample as they browse. Turn up the air conditioning so they can come in to seek refuge from that blazing summer heat. 

To promote your summertime sale products, display them at the very front of your store and have sales personnel surrounding the area so that they can assist customers’ needs and queries. The longer you keep customers engaged, the more likely they are to buy something. 

Final thoughts

Summer is all about beach parties, backyard cookouts, pool hangouts, and more. As a retailer, you need to keep track of these things in order to promote your summertime products and sales. 
Use these summer promotional ideas to heat things up this summer and watch your sales revenue boost. Need help with summer marketing ideas and content? Try PosterMyWall’s summer design guide to help you add some sunshine to your summer marketing.