How to use real estate flyers for business growth

Include catchy Real estate flyers in your marketing plan to leave a lasting impact in the mind of your customers and watch your business grow as a result.

A lasting first impression is what is necessary these days. The way you communicate, the way you carry yourself, and the way you present yourself decides your presence in the market. 

Real estate is no different. It is not an easy task to reach out to new prospective clients out of your locality while retaining past clients. Therefore, your real estate marketing strategy should be top-notch. 

Latest real estate marketing ideas are in regular demand to stand out from the crowd. A real estate agent is always trying ways to reach prospective clients to grow the business. While many real estate agents these days are making a step towards digital tactics such as email or social media marketing, real estate flyers persist to be an important strategy for any real estate promotional campaign. Thus, no matter what your new idea is about, real estate flyers should be a part of it at any cost. 

Why you should use real estate flyers

This age of digitization might influence you to only take advantage of new digital trends, but it is important to accept that traditional practice still remains effective. Real estate flyers help you pass through the noise to reach your target audience, which further leads to more sales. 

As a real estate agent, your promotional strategy should be able to produce leads that can help you expand your business. You can distribute mass listing flyers to people out of your locality to extend your network and set foot to new potential buyers. 

Real estate flyers do not only help build awareness, but they can also persuade a lead’s opinion on an agent or listing. They allow you to add a personal effect to your marketing strategy like including a message for a particular apartment being perfect for a couple. 

How to use real estate flyers?

Before you start creating your real estate flyers, you should know how to use them effectively while maintaining the budget and reaching the right prospective buyers. Below are some methods for real estate agents to use flyers effectively. 

Flyer boxes

A flyer box is a box full of flyers for random people to pick. Put in a flyer box with the sign of ‘for sale’ on every property that is listed for sale. This allows people to pick up the flyers as they drive or walk by. Whoever picks up the flyer will have instant information about the property with quick access to your contact information as well. If a prospective client found the flyer box empty, they are very less likely to do a self-research on a property and would probably move on to the next ‘for ‘sale’ sign.

Insert a QR code in the flyers to take the reader to the listing’s web page or your own website. 

Open houses

Hosting an open house is common for any real estate business but to make the most of it, you should not miss out on real estate flyers. They are a classic and effective way to market your real estate listings and bring the crowd to your events. They enable you to reach different types of potential buyers and promote important information about your property listing without much communication. 

Flyers are a great talking point too. With a lasting impression, they can help you close the deal. Once there is a crowd in your open house, make sure to pass out your listing open house flyers to every individual attending. 


Real estate is not just about persuading people to visit your listing, but you also need to convince them to buy your listed property. If your property is being visited by multiple parties and agents, you must include the flyers in the house for the prospect to grab it. This would not only make the client remember your listing, but the additional information included in your flyer will give you a competitive advantage as other agents might have missed those. 

What should a real estate flyer look like?

With inexpensive printing and free templates on the internet, developing your own flyers has never been so easy. However, whether you offer services as an agent or you are marketing a single listing, there are elements that you should consider before making your own flyers. 

To make an effective first impression, the flyer you create should be eye-catching with a clear message for prospective clients. To grasp attention in just a few seconds, your flyers need to be short, concise, and to the point. 

Designing your flyers

Although you have creative freedom when creating your flyers, you will have to keep your target clients in mind when you design. The right design will allow you to capture your recipient’s eye and make them respond to your call-to-action. It is important to remember that you do not need to limit yourself to one design. You can create multiple designs according to different target audiences. This strategy helps you engage the audience with custom content that retains their interest in your message. 

Use PosterMyWall to design your real estate flyers. With thousands of free real estate flyer templates available, you can create and customize your real estate flyers without the need of hiring an expensive graphic designer. 

Make an offer they cannot refuse

What you should always keep in mind is that nothing in the flyer is about you, it is about your prospective client and what you can do to help them. 

The best way to attain a client is by making an offer they cannot refuse. 

The clients should believe that they are getting a good deal, and this is why your flyers must contain your best offers. When it comes to making a sale, ‘bonus’, ‘sale’, and ‘discount’ are three words that can do wonders for you. Thus, make sure to include these words in your flyers. 


Real Estate flyers are not just to present you, but they are an essential component of your whole real estate marketing plan. 

When you present your property to a potential buyer, you need to make sure that they are hooked from the start. But once you hand them your flyer, you stop being in control. Your sale then depends on that little piece of paper. 

If not already, start developing your real estate flyers with our free flyer maker now!