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How to publicize your club parties with party flyers (and more)

From creating party flyers to featuring the DJ, learn four effective methods of promoting your parties—and packing your club to the brim.

No matter what time of the year it is, there’s always an excuse to hold a party. And as a club, you are the expert in throwing the hottest parties. So don’t let your efforts go to waste by doing little or zero party promotion!

Because if that happens, then not many people may show up for your parties—and a party without attendees is a very sad party indeed. Use the four methods in this guide to effectively promote your parties, regardless of the kind of party you’re organizing.

1. Post party flyers on social media

Got a social media following? You probably do. So go tell your followers about your parties and have them lining up at your door.

Don’t just post a short text post and declare yourself done, though. With people scrolling through their social feeds quickly, it’s easy for them to miss a post consisting purely of text. You’ll want to catch their eye by creating attractive party flyers to accompany your text post.

Here’s a fab party flyer that Voyeur Nightclub posted on Twitter to promote one of its nightclub parties:

You don’t need to be a professional designer to create such party flyers either. Pick your favorite party flyer template from our template collection, then use our party flyer maker to customize its design.

2. Feature the party’s DJ

People have no shortage of activities to do, so why should they come to your club’s party? Instead of, say, the equally happening party that your competitor next door will be hosting?

Hence, when promoting your parties, you’ll need to give people a good reason to attend. For example, if you’re holding a beach party, you could talk up the huge beach inflatables that clubbers will be able to lounge around in.

Or if you’ll be inviting a special guest DJ to your party, then highlight this in your advertising! The DJ’s presence at your party is bound to get both their existing fans, and people interested in checking out new music, excited to attend.

Check out this beach party flyer that Truth Beach Club created to promote its beach party:

DJ Tunez was hosting the party, so no prizes for guessing who featured prominently in Truth Beach Club’s party flyers!

3. Create a Facebook event for your party

As the party date approaches, try to gauge roughly how many people will show up. This way, you can ensure there’s sufficient space and food for everyone.

To collate attendance, create Facebook events for your parties.

Facebook users who want to attend can then easily RSVP to indicate their interest. Through your Facebook event, you’ll also be able to:

  • Provide key details such as the party date, time, and location
  • Share updates before, during, and after the party

People can also share your party event with their friends—which can mean more attendees for you!

For inspiration, take a look at the Facebook event that Sailing Club Phu Quoc created for its recent third birthday bash:

The beach club also used a birthday party flyer as the event’s header image to grab attention. Now that’s neat!

What’s better than you talking about your parties? It’s when others do it for you, because you can leverage their following to boost party attendance.

To do so, reach out to blogs that cover upcoming events and request them to feature your parties. Some publications may charge a small fee for doing so, while others may be happy to give you a shout-out for free. You won’t know until you ask.

And after you’ve managed to score the publicity opportunity, send across the info that the blog will need for promoting your parties. You can also share early bird promo codes for blog readers to get a sweet discount on their party tickets.

See how The Deck Beach Club Patong got one of its pool parties (and an associated pool party flyer!) featured on Phuket news website Phuketindex, for example:

Ready to promote your party?

You’ve put a lot of hard work into party planning. Now, make sure you get the attendance you deserve by promoting your parties.

The good news is that the party promotion methods we’ve shared above don’t cost a lot to implement. In particular, our PosterMyWall party flyer maker can help you create stunning party flyers at a low cost (or even for free!)

Once you’ve chosen your preferred party flyer template, our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for you to customize your template to perfection. Add text, graphics, videos, and more—don’t be afraid to go all out, as you prep to throw epic parties that people will talk about for weeks to come.