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How to remove a background

Have a great photo but want to get rid of its background? With PosterMyWall, you can do that with just one click!

Note: The remove background feature is available under the Premium subscription plans only.

Remove background is a magical new tool to make removing a background literally a one click process.

Use it to remove unnecessary background details from your photo of a person, an item, an animal, buildings and more! Remove a background works great if you want to single out a notable person (a musician or a church pastor) or item (a new handbag or smart phone).

Removing the background also creates emphasis as a background may distract the viewer or worse, make the design feel cluttered or untidy. Additionally, if manual masking is not your thing, remove a background confirms that you’ll end up with a flawless result with no rough edges.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself here!

How to remove a background with just one click

To remove a background from your item, follow these steps:

  • Open your design in the PosterMyWall editor
  • Select an item who’s background you’d like to remove
  • On the right contextual menu, click the ‘Remove Background’ button. It’s the button with the glowing wand

Click the button to remove your image‚Äôs background. Remove background may take up to 5 seconds. 

Remove a background can be undone, via the undo button. You can undo this as long as the design is open, however, the effect is permanent once you save and close the design. 

Note: Remove Background can be used 30 times per month. You will be notified when you have 5 or less remaining uses. Remove Background uses remaining at the end of the month carry over to the next

You get 30 FREE Remove Background uses at the start of every month on your subscription.

You can purchase additional uses of Remove Background with Credits. Here’s what it costs: 

Background RemovalsCredits

Head over to the Premium Billing page to buy Remove a background uses.  

Click the ‘View history’ tab to view the transaction history of any background removals, email sends or credits purchased. 

You can check your remaining uses by hovering your mouse/touchpad cursor over the Remove Background button.

That’s everything you need to know to use the Remove Background feature. Now all there’s left to do is to try it on your new design!