Father’s day gift ideas for any and every type of dad

No matter whether your dad likes the outdoors, food, or something else, you’ll find the perfect gift for him in our guide to Father’s Day gift ideas.

When it’s Mother’s Day, moms typically get showered with chocolate and roses. But when Father’s Day rolls around…you might not see dads getting as much attention or gifts. Which is rather sad, really. After all, dads play an important role in the family too!

So this Father’s Day, make your dad feel like Super Dad by presenting him with a gift or two. If you’re feeling stumped on what to get him, we’ve put together a short guide to Father’s Day gift ideas for any and every type of dad. Check it out.

For the outdoors-loving dad: Get him a hiking backpack

If your dad is a fan of sunshine or nature, a brand-new hiking backpack is a great gift choice.

Yes, he may already have his own. But after being used in many adventures, his backpack may be worn out from sun exposure, or may even be tearing at the seams. This is your chance to get him a replacement that will accompany him on his upcoming outdoor escapades!

Tom Bihn produces a wide range of sturdy and rugged backpacks that are perfect for hikes. We especially love the Synapse 25 backpack, which has a multitude of compartments for storing everything you might need for a day hike.

The backpack is also water-resistant, so your dad will never have to worry about his stuff getting soaked during rainstorms!

For the gamer dad: Gift him a video game console

On the other hand, perhaps your dad isn’t a fan of the great outdoors. Instead, he would rather sit on the comfy sofa to play his favorite video games. Totally no judgment on that—and we’ve got Father’s Day gift ideas for him too.

We’re talking about: a video game console!

The trick is to procure him a console that he doesn’t already have. For example, if he already has the Xbox Series X, then why not gift him the latest Nintendo Switch model?

And of course, you’ll need to get him some games that he can start playing on his shiny new game console.

If you’re getting him a Switch, then popular game options include Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

For the foodie dad: Cook a delicious dish

Clichéd as the saying may be, sometimes the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If your dad is an absolute foodie, preparing him a tasty home-cooked dish is sure to get him beaming.

Make a list of his favorite foods, then look up recipes for one of them (or for more than one of them, if you’re feeling up for a challenge!) You can even rope in your family members to help, where:

  • One person buys the ingredients,
  • One person cooks, and
  • One person keeps dad occupied so he doesn’t discover what’s going on in the kitchen.

Need dish ideas? The Tasty YouTube channel has a whole buffet of recipes that will set your inspiration alight. Here’s one for a delicious chicken pot pie, for instance:

For all dads out there: Design a custom family collage

Does your dad fall into none of the above categories? Or did you want to give him something extra, apart from giving him what we’ve recommended above?

Then here’s one of our top-rated Father’s Day gift ideas: a custom family collage! No dad will say no to a collage that’s been lovingly designed by his family—and one that features his favorite people in the world, to boot.

Creating a custom family collage is easy. Choose a photo collage template from one of the 2,400+ options in our collection, then use our drag-and-drop design editor to add your family photos and videos to it. You can also add text such as “I love you” and “Best Dad Ever!”

Customize father’s day collage here.

Finally, download your gift collage and print it out. You now have the sweetest gift for dad when he wakes up on Father’s Day.

Use these Father’s Day gift ideas to knock your dad’s socks off!

There is no shortage of Father’s Day gift ideas out there. But whether you’ll be ordering something from a store or preparing his gift yourself, you’ll want to make it extra special.

To do so, think about what your dad likes and brainstorm gifts accordingly. Don’t forget to top your gift off with a Father’s Day poster, too, before handing it to him.

Now go out there and show dad how much you love him.