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5 fitness marketing strategies to grow your brand and a loyal clientele

These fitness marketing strategies will help you use social media to gain credibility as a fitness guru, build your brand, and get more clients.

Whether you run a health center or offer fitness and nutrition coaching services at home, Mell Barrie a.k.a. Minifitchick, has some incredibly valuable insights on how you can establish your brand online and secure new clients. 

Mell is a personal trainer who has offered fitness services, including weight loss and strength training, since 2015. Over the years, her unique fitness marketing strategies have allowed her to build a loyal client base and establish herself as a bonafide personal trainer within her community.

We sat down with Mell to talk about how she expertly uses social media to build her brand and credibility, and then to guide people to her website where they can purchase her fitness services and package deals. It’s a very simple sales funnel, but it works.

Hi Mell! What inspired you to get into the fitness industry?

After I lost weight and started working out on my own, I realized I wanted others to feel as good as I felt when I got fit. So I got into the fitness industry to help people achieve their fitness goals in an easy and affordable way. 

Who’s your target audience?

Literally, anyone who wants to get fit, gain muscle, and feel confident. Regardless of age or gender. I prefer clients who have a set goal in mind and who are determined to strive hard to reach it. 

1. Use social media to guide people to your website

Let’s talk about how you promote your fitness services to your target audience. What does your marketing strategy look like?

My fitness marketing strategy is two-fold. 

First, I use Facebook and Instagram to share my own fitness journey and to inspire people to start working out. I show them what an active lifestyle could look like for them. And I make it look achievable, with my help. 

Once people are sold on the idea of getting fit, I offer them solutions by guiding them to my website. There, I list all of my fitness services in detail, as well as offer discounts and packages. 

Interesting. Why do you think this is an effective strategy?

Well, I’ve noticed that people want to work with someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone that they’re familiar with and can trust. I use my social media to convey that message. It’s a lot more effective than me going, “Hey, check out my website to see my fitness services.” Very few people would just head on over to my website without assurance that they’ll gain by working with me. 

2. Be authentic to sell your brand on social media

Let’s talk about your social media strategy. What kind of content do you post to sell your brand?

I post a lot of different content types, all aimed towards showcasing my life as a fitness junkie and trainer. My goal with social media is to not be overly salesy but to simply be my authentic self. 

Some of the content I post includes:

  • Workout videos that people can follow from their living rooms
  • Pictures of the healthy food I consume daily, along with notes on the benefits of eating healthy
  • Nutrition advice for people just getting into the fitness game – I use PosterMyWall’s infographic templates to create really eye-catching infographics
  • Selfies and pictures of me living my regular life 
  • Updates on my fitness journey and the progress I’ve made
  • Memes and funny fitness-related videos that my followers can relate to 

I limit my social media presence primarily to Facebook and Instagram and post the same type of content on each platform. 

How do you ensure engagement on your social media posts?

I ensure engagement on my posts by being authentic. I know this may sound cheesy but it works. If your followers know that you’re being your real self and not a fake version, they’re more likely to engage with your content. For instance, whenever I put up posts about me struggling to maintain a healthy fitness routine or having too many cheat days, I get tons of replies from people going through similar struggles in their fitness journeys. 

3. Engage with your followers through frequent questions and life updates

It also doesn’t hurt to ask questions in your captions. Try to get to know your followers. Ask them about their day, where they are in their fitness journey, and what advice they would want to share with other people. When people open up and talk to each other in the comments, it increases engagement and creates a sense of community that ultimately results in a more loyal client base. 

Finally, any post that’s eye-catching and colorful gets a ton of engagement. This is where PosterMyWall has been instrumental because the social media templates are so professional and pretty. I can customize them and post them to my social media in minutes. 

So how do you guide people to your website after successfully building a brand and a following on social media?

I mention my website in my Facebook and Instagram bio. This way, anyone who likes what they see on my social media can click on it for more information without feeling pressured. I also actively reply to comments and questions and let people know that they can find out more about my fitness services by visiting my website. 

What does your website look like?

My website is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to improve themselves through my fitness services. I have different landing pages for each service that I offer so that people can make an informed decision about what they want–and then get information tailored to their interests. I make sure to tell them about what each service includes and any packages or deals they can get.

I also have a sign-up button at the top of the homepage where people can register for my classes and tell me what areas they would like to work on with me. Because most people come from my social media feed, they have a pretty good idea of what their problem areas are and how I can help. 

5. Make your website visually appealing and easy to navigate

Right. And are there any visual elements that you add to make your website look enticing?

I add a lot of pictures of myself since that’s what my followers are familiar with. I also add pictures of my equipment to show people what they’ll be working with. 

For colors, I go with a red and black theme because that reflects the sense of urgency and determination that comes with wanting to start your fitness journey. And it fits my brand. 

I also pay attention to the little things. For instance, I’ve noticed that an animated slide will always get more traction than a still picture. And it’ll look better too. Also, when I add a picture in the background, I make sure to highlight the text in front of it so that it doesn’t get missed. 

What does your design process look like?

I make sure that the content on my design is legible by selecting the right fonts. PosterMyWall has a really extensive list of fonts to choose from so that works well for me. I also make sure to add my brand colors so that my designs are easily recognizable. A big part of branding is consistency so I make sure to remain consistent with the design elements that I know work for me and get traction from my audience. 

Speaking of traction, do you have a way to track the number of visits on your website?

Yes, I use Wix Analytics, which is a built-in tool that you get when you create a website using Wix. 

What advice would you give to other people looking to use their website to market their business?

I would say, keep it simple and straightforward. Don’t clutter your homepage. Make the site easy to navigate. Most important, be open about your pricing. No hidden fees, no terms and conditions. List everything on your website. Not only will this reduce the back and forth you would otherwise have with potential clients, but it will also demonstrate that you are trustworthy and reliable. 

What’s next for Minifitchick? Any big plans to expand your business?

For sure! I’m always in the market to get more clients through new and innovative marketing strategies. I’m also going to be starting fitness boot camps and classes soon, and eventually open up my own fitness studio. 

That sounds incredible! We wish you the best of luck and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do. 

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