5 perfect picnic invitation designs for your summertime picnic parties

Summer is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors! Prepare a picnic and create picnic invitations to get everyone together for a good time.

Summer’s right around the corner, and we all know what that means. It’s the season of barbecues, pool parties, beach days, and wholesome picnics with your loved ones. A picnic is a great way to spread some joy and encourage everyone to have a great time under the sun whether you’re a business owner looking to increase employee morale with a fun, post-work get together, or just someone who loves getting people together for fun, wholesome occasions. Picnics are also super fun to plan, from planning out the food menu to the perfect picnic invitation. 

But when you’re planning a party, the most important thing for you to remember is how to get people to attend your party. After all, there’s no party without a guest list, is there? To make sure people come to your picnic, you need to invite them the right way. And how can you do that? By creating and sending out your own custom picnic invitations, of course. 

If you’re wondering how you can make those without having to hire a designer or pay a fortune, we have you covered. Here are some great picnic invitation ideas for you to look at. 

Add a fun vibe to your company picnic invites

Planning out a company picnic? Want all your employees to show up and take a break from that daily 9-5 routine? Well, you need to start by making your own company picnic invites. Your goal here is to make sure everyone shows up to this company event, and to do that, you need a fun invite. Your invite can’t just look like another company poster with the same colors and words, it has to be more exciting, more vibrant, and more engaging. 

These company picnic invitation templates make great use of bright colors and fun imagery like vibrant decor to seem more inviting and lively. 

2. Throw a picnic-themed birthday party 

Everyone loves a good themed party, so why not take advantage of the great weather and plan your next birthday party as a picnic? 

Birthday picnics are a great way to celebrate your special day in a fun, unique way. But when you’re planning out a picnic-themed birthday party, you need to make sure your guests come prepared for the occasion. Create your own special picnic birthday invitations with PosterMyWall and send them out to get your guests excited about the upcoming festivities. 

Make your birthday picnic invitation fun, friendly, and colorful like these picnic invitation templates below and build excitement for your upcoming birthday picnic. 

3. Take your picnic festivities to the beach

Picnics in the park and sunny days at the beach are two of the most enjoyable things about summer. So how about you mix them up together to give your guests the best of both worlds. Have your own beach picnic party. 

The perfect beach picnic invite doesn’t need a lot of work. Just head onto PosterMyWall to find the perfect picnic invitation template to match your theme, and add your own personal touches to make it more exciting. The ideal beach picnic invitation should include elements of both a beach and a picnic party. Add some blue water and sandy shores to your invite to set up for a beachy backdrop. Throw in a picnic basket in the middle and announce your beach picnic in a bold, bright, summery font. Don’t forget to add in some details to remind your guests to bring their swimsuits and appetites. 

4. Heat things up with a picnic barbecue party 

Barbecues are one of those things that just scream summer. We all love a good burger fresh off the grill, and the one thing that would make it all the more enjoyable would be getting together for a picnic barbecue. 

Dust off your old barbecue grill and stock up your cooler with loads of icy drinks to take over to your neighborhood park, or even your own backyard, and invite your family and friends to join in. Make it an official neighborhood party by creating your own picnic invitations and sending them out to everyone you want to invite. 

Customize BBQ picnic template here. 
Customize picnic template here. 

5. Keep it classic with a quintessential summer picnic

Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to have a picnic. You might just want to plan out a fun get together for no special reason, or make the most out of the sunny weather. For those times, it’s best to keep your picnic planning simple, classic, and enjoyable. 

Send out word about your summer picnic by creating your own picnic invitations and sending them out to anyone you want to. Keep the vibe of your picnic invitation template simple, summery, and fun. Add in a lot of greenery and bright colors to keep it exciting. These picnic invitation templates will help inspire you to create your very own so that you can host a successful picnic. 

Create your own picnic invitation now

We’ve given you a bunch of great ideas on how to plan out your summer picnic parties. Now it’s your turn. Head to PosterMyWall and create your own customized and personalized picnic invitation designs now.