How to promote a yard sale (garage sale flyer ideas included)

Whether you’re selling your stuff to declutter or to earn extra cash, use these 3 tips and garage flyer templates to attract bargain hunters to your garage sale.

Holding a garage sale is a great way of decluttering your place and/or earning some extra cash. But chances are that you won’t be the only person running a garage sale at that time. Sally from down the corner may be having her own garage sale on the same day. As may Bob, who lives across town.

Accordingly, you’ll need to give people a reason to come for your garage sale instead of going for someone else’s (Sorry, Sally and Bob!). Keep reading as we share three tips for attracting bargain hunters to your garage sale.

1. Create garage sale flyers

Obviously, you’ll need to get the word out on your garage sale—and creating flyers can help you do just that.

Design your flyer once, and then you can print as many copies of it as you need for sticking around the neighborhood. You can also post your flyer on social media to let your online friends know that you’re having a garage sale.

Check out this garage sale poster that real estate agent Blake Poston published on Instagram:

The flyer’s bright, cheerful colors catch your eye, as do the cute graphics!

Creating your own garage sale flyers is easy. First, grab a garage sale template from our collection, then use our drag-and-drop editor to customize the template’s text, images, colors, and so on. Here’s some high-quality free printable yard sale flyer templates to get you started:

2. Make garage sale signs

On the day of your garage sale, you’ll need to help visitors find its location. This is especially if they’re unfamiliar with your neighborhood. You don’t want them to drive around in circles hopelessly lost, and finally give up and go home.

To prevent this from happening, make a huge garage sale sign and stick it in your yard for everyone to see. Your garage sale signs don’t need to be anything too fancy, either. Even writing the words “GARAGE SALE” in huge letters on a white card that’s attached to a sign pole works.

But of course, adding a splash of color can get your garage sale signs noticed! This is exactly what the Drage Second Chance Ranch has done for its own garage sale sign:

3. Share a sneak peek of what you’ll be selling

As you promote your garage sale, tell others what they can look forward to snagging. Most people will typically just give descriptions of what’s on offer—such as “shoes,” “bags,” “toys,” and “antiques.” How boring and uninspiring.

You can do better by giving more details, like “Adidas Pro Model Shoes, Cloud White, U.S. Men’s size 6, never worn.” And apart from that, why not shoot a quick video of what you’ll be selling? Doing so lets people see exactly what’s available, so they can start making mental lists of what they want to get.

For example, here’s a video that non-profit organization Jason Taylor Foundation posted on Twitter to promote its garage sale:

The best part? You don’t need fancy video equipment to film such videos. Just whip out your smartphone and start shooting away.

Rake in the sales at your garage sale

You’ve said goodbye to the items that you’ll be selling, and enlisted your family to help run the garage sale. Now, make your garage sale a success by publicizing it as widely as you can!

Start by creating visually appealing garage sale flyers for putting up in your neighborhood and posting online. Next, design huge garage sale signs that will get your sale spotted from even the end of the street.

And while telling everyone about your garage sale, be sure to emphasize what’s on offer (especially through video) to get them excited about coming down.

Doing all these will take some effort for sure. But trust us, you’ll find everything worth it when people stream into your garage sale and buy your items. You’ll also especially love it as you watch your cash register fill up with cash.

After that, who knows? You might get hooked and decide to make running a garage sale a regular affair. Ka-ching.