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5 Father’s Day marketing ideas every restaurant needs to try

Prove your restaurant as a place to be this Father’s day with these Father’s Day restaurant ideas.

Father’s Day is a day for fathers around the world. It is a fun family occasion that is celebrated to honor people’s fathers, the paternal bonds, and their influence on society. It is celebrated in the third week of June every year and with the day approaching very soon, you as a restaurant owner should take this tremendous opportunity to reach out to a new and extended customer base.  

Although you can come up with some truly creative ideas, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. You know what works for your patrons and you can try a simpler approach for the things that worked in the past to make them work in the current situation. A cleverly drafted marketing plan is a fantastic approach to get the families to show up on the day and inspire them to come again later for more. 

Nevertheless, if you do not have any ideas for the day, we got you covered. Below you can find some effective marketing ideas to get more customers in your restaurants on this year’s father’s day. 

Father’s Day special brunch buffet

A special buffet in your restaurant for this holiday is a great approach to maximize your customers. Do fathers eat smart? No, they do not. Especially not on this holiday. Hence, the simpler you keep the buffet, the easier it is for you to manage. The buffet could include grilled chicken, juicy hamburgers, steaks, shrimp, different pastries, and fresh salads. Combine the delicious food with tempting desserts like waffles, pancakes, ice cream, etc. 

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Social media marketing 

Social media is undoubtedly one of the best things to ever happen to owners of restaurants, cafes, and bars. It allows you to engage with your potential customer directly which helps build a relationship and tempt them to visit again. It gives you the opportunity to tell the world about yourself and let them know what your restaurant has to offer on special occasions. 

Regular posting on social media keeps the audience updated. Design some creative Father’s day posters and start posting them on your social media platforms a few weeks or months before the special day. You can use PosterMyWall to design your Father’s Day posters with free and customizable templates that are easy to work with. 

Customize Father’s Day buffet poster

You can also organize a contest and bring dads through your restaurant’s doors by offering them things they would like to get on their special day. Social media platforms offer the opportunity to engage with new and existing patrons, especially on special occasions like this. You can simply ask people to comment under a thread with the father’s name – decide a randomly selected winner and offer a free brunch to the family. 

To learn more, see our guide on social media marketing for restaurants and bars

A special Father’s Day menu

Identify your standout dishes that are usually enjoyed on special occasions and create a customized fathers’ day menu. A Father’s day prix fixe menu is a great option. It consists of an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert, at a fixed price, but usually with some alternatives within each bracket. This can help you increase the sales of targeted food, enjoy extra profits, and speed up operations of your restaurant. 

However, it is essential to ensure that your customers know their favorite dishes will be included in your special menu. Nobody would take their dad to that special place to get that special deal only to have it be sold out. A special fixed price menu helps you address such concerns and improve your customer service during busy business days like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. 

Consider using PosterMyWall to design your special fixed-price menu for Father’s Day. It has thousands of Father’s day menu templates that are free to use and easy to customize. You can also learn more about how to create personalized menus on special occasions in the blog post “How to celebrate March Madness at your sports bar”

Gift Card bonuses

Father’s day restaurant ideas should not only include the ideas that require the customer to pay a visit to your restaurant on that exact day. For audiences who wish to avoid rush hours or cannot turn up on the day because of their work, gift cards are there to serve. They can be set up at your restaurants as physical cards, or online if your provider offers them. 

You can offer a bonus to people who would not be able to celebrate the day on the exact date. The most common bonus practice is a $10 bonus on a $50 gift card purchase or a $25 bonus on a $100 gift card purchase. The basic procedure has been tried and tested and you can also adjust it to fit your margins, but you still need to get it adapted to your business and your customers. 

Some more Father’s Day restaurant ideas 

  • Hire a professional photographer or arm one of your staff members with a camera to capture moments of families enjoying the day. Memories are extremely valuable for people everywhere and hiring a photographer would let your patrons enjoy while the photographer takes their snapshots. You can also use it to build your database for future marketing as you will ask for their contact details to send them their photos. 
  • Surprise your customers with appropriate gifts. It can be a gift card, a free drink, or a free dessert. Gifts will bring joy to the fathers that will help you build customer loyalty as well. 
  • Host some popular musicians on the day. This will attract your audience and often drive in music fans to your restaurant that can become your new regular customers. The choice of music should be appropriate for all audiences as it helps to create a good atmosphere. The extra costs can be covered by additional revenues due to higher traffic. 
  • Let the fathers talk on their day. Host an open microphone and lift up the atmosphere. All you need is a microphone and your audience’s participation. Dads are usually not so expressive to their families. Give them a chance to open up and let their families know how much they love them. 
  • Have a Father’s week instead of a Father’s Day. This gives your customers the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive deals for more than one day, and people who cannot be with their families on the exact day can also celebrate the day with their families on a different day at your restaurant. This will bring in customers to your place for not just a day but for the whole week. 


It is never too early to start planning for Father’s Day at your restaurant. The sooner you start, the sooner people will get to know about your offers. 

You can use a wide range of menu templates, Father’s day poster templates, and social media templates at PosterMyWall to create holistic marketing designs in no time. You can also check out the blog on “Marketing strategies for Mother’s Day at your restaurant” to get some more marketing ideas. 

Start working on your Father’s day restaurant ideas today and make fathers everywhere feel special!