How to create your 4th of July BBQ invitation

Ready to make this July 4th one to remember? Follow these helpful tips to create a great 4th of July BBQ invitation that all your friends and family will love.

The 4th of July is the most popular holiday for grilling. In fact, 68% of Americans plan to get the BBQ out this July 4th to enjoy some great hot dogs, burgers, and other tasty treats to celebrate the U.S.’s independence!

If you’re like most Americans and plan on firing up the grill for a few friends (or a lot), here are some quick tips to help you create a great 4th of July BBQ invitation that’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Create a clear point of focus

Typically, people won’t read a flyer or invitation if it doesn’t seem interesting. Because you have to make such a strong first impression, it’s important to create a clear point of focus on your 4th of July BBQ invitation that captures the reader’s attention and gives them the gist of what’s happening.

The point of focus is generally at the top of the page, but you can also put it in the center—depending on your design. It can be big letters in a fun font that say something like “Big, Giant, 4th of July BBQ!” or even a picture of a grill with some fireworks.

Whatever it is, it should be big, bold, and ready to draw in the readers. The goal is for readers to take one look at the flyer, see your point of focus, and know exactly what’s going on. Once they understand what the invitation is, they’ll continue reading for more details.

Speaking of details…

Include the right information

Your invitation is more than just a poster for your BBQ. It needs to provide guests with all the information they need to attend. These are some of the essential details to include on your 4th of July BBQ invitation:

  • Date, time, and location of the BBQ
  • Activities (grilling, fireworks, swimming, etc.)
  • What they need to bring (potluck, sides, drinks, napkins, desserts, etc.)
  • How to RSVP
  • Dress code (if applicable)

Event details typically look best in bullet points. You want to make it easy for readers to read through quickly to get all the juicy details. Long paragraphs and giant walls of text scare people away. The more readable, the better!

Add plenty of color…

The 4th of July is all about fireworks and big, bold colors. It’s a celebration, after all! You want your BBQ invitation to match the energy.

Nobody will want to go to a cookout if the invitation looks drab and boring. Fill your invitation with plenty of colors, stripes, explosions, or anything else you can use to grab the reader’s attention. Of course, since this is a 4th of July party, adding plenty of red, white, and blue is a must! 

Color doesn’t just mean the reds, blues, and whites on the page. Funny 4th of July invitations also do wonders to attract more attention. Nobody can resist a good chuckle!

Customize 4th of July invitation template

… But don’t make it too busy

While bold colors are essential for any 4th of July event invitation, be sure not to make it too busy. Too many colors, patterns, and text can be overwhelming for your readers and get in the way of important information.

Leave plenty of space between sections on your invitation, so readers will be able to scan quickly without missing any important information. All text should be quick and to the point. The faster someone can read your invitation, the better.

When it comes to the design, don’t make the text background too busy. You’re welcome to add stars, stripes, and fireworks to the border (in fact, it’s encouraged), but it’s not a good idea to put vibrant patterns or colors behind text. It makes the flyer hard to read—and readability is key! Nobody should have to squint to read your text.

Use a killer template

With all the emphasis on design, it almost feels like you have to be a graphic designer to make a decent event invitation! Luckily, there’s an easier way to create professional-looking invitations without professional-level skills: Use a template!

Templates are great for creating an invitation to be proud of without the effort. At PosterMyWall, we have hundreds of 4th of July BBQ invitation templates to choose from. Just pick the one that fits your event, fill in your information, and download the finished file. You’ll be ready to invite all your friends and family to your cookout in no time. You can also browse our selection of 4th of July BBQ ideas to get the creative inspiration you need to design the perfect flyer.

Best of all, PosterMyWall templates already follow all these great invitation tips. All you have to worry about is including the right information, and you’re ready to throw a BBQ the whole neighborhood will be talking about for years to come!

Create a 4th of July BBQ invitation guaranteed to impress

When it comes to 4th of July celebrations, the more the merrier! So, get all your friends and family to show up with a great invitation.

When designing your 4th of July BBQ invitation, be sure to make a clear point of focus, include all the essential information, add some bold and bright colors, and leave plenty of space for readability. To make it easy on yourself, head over to the PosterMyWall free online flyer maker and choose between the thousands of available templates to make the design process quick and easy.

With a great invitation, there’s no limit to the fun you’ll have this 4th of July.