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Create your own digital signage content with PosterMyWall and Fugo

You can now design and publish your digital signage displays with PosterMyWall and Fugo. Read on to learn more!

With PosterMyWall and Fugo’s brand new collaboration, it’s easier than ever to create unique, personalized digital displays for all of your branding and promotional needs. 

Wondering how to get started? Here’s a super-easy, step-by-step guide.

Create your own digital displays with PosterMyWall and Fugo:

Find the PosterMyWall app on Fugo 

The first thing you need to do is log into your Fugo account, and go to the “Apps” section from the navigation bar at the top. 

Once you’re in the Fugo app store, look for the PosterMyWall app. Click on it to create your own playlist. 

Choose your PosterMyWall design

Once you’ve found the PosterMyWall app and logged in, click on “Choose your PosterMyWall item” to select a design from your PosterMyWall folder. Choose the design you want to use as your digital display. 

Build your own digital signage playlist

Once you’ve selected your design, go to the “Playlists” option in the top navigation bar on Fugo, and start up a new playlist. Select the screens where you want your playlist to be published, and add as much content as you like by uploading custom designs from PosterMyWall. 

Schedule your content according to when you want it played, and click on “publish” to have your brand content displayed. 

Wondering what sort of digital signage content you can create? Here are some great ideas:

Create and share your schedule

Digital signage excels at displaying your daily specials and event schedules on your screens. Add some enticing pictures of your product or venue to really crank up the excitement, and to encourage visitors to make a purchase!

Add a seasonal touch to your establishment

Want to get started with your seasonal marketing? Why not change it up with the right digital display to set the mood? Add a calming fall-themed display to your screens to promote fall sales, or a heart-themed visual with a catchy tune to promote your Valentine’s Day offers. 

Upsell your best products and services

Use attention-grabbing displays to upsell higher-margin products or special services. Change up displays in no time with regular shifts in demand. 

Grab attention with eye-catching window displays 

Showcase your products and services in HD, whether in the form of an action shot of your steaming fresh bakery bread, or a video slideshow showcasing your latest summer collection that catches people’s attention. 

Create your own digital signage playlist today

Your business can save time and money while benefiting from tools to change up campaign displays with the click of a button. Try out Fugo’s 14-day free trial and create your own custom digital signage playlist with PosterMyWall today! Learn how to be an expert on digital signage.

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