9 best Father’s Day gift ideas your wallet will thank you for

Looking for budget-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas? Thank dad for all his hard work with these gifts under $50.

Dads are amazing. They work so hard every day, and no child wants them to feel taken for granted. 

Fortunately, there is a perfect occasion to show your dad that you appreciate everything they do for you and your family: Father’s Day! 

While you may want to spoil the most important man in your life with a splashy luxury gift, your wallet may not allow you to. Don’t worry; the price tag is not an indication of your love and affection.

If you want to show appreciation for your dad without blowing your budget, we’ve got you covered with these amazing Father’s Day gift ideas under $50 (and some you can even DIY!). 

Let us help you find the perfect gift, whatever your dad’s interests may be.

9 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

1. Wireless Phone Charger for Dad-on-the-Go

If your dad is always on the go, a wireless charger that doubles as a phone holder is a thoughtful, practical, and cost-effective present. 

A wireless charger will allow your dad to use his phone hands-free even while charging! All he has to do is put his phone on the charging stand, and it will charge his phone in a flash.

2. Insulated Mug for the Coffee Lover

Source: Hydro Flask

Bring a smile to your father’s face every morning by giving him a high-quality, insulated stainless steel cup that will keep his coffee hot all day long. You can opt for a travel version of this cup if your dad enjoys traveling or camping. 

There are many stylish mug designs to choose from; you can even personalize your gift to make it extra special—ask the store to emboss his nickname, favorite quote, or a meaningful date on the mug.

This gift will remind your dad of your love and affection as he enjoys his hot and delicious beverage. Whether he’s outside enjoying nature, or busy working at his desk, this is a cup he’ll always want to have nearby.

3. Gift Box With His Favorite Snacks

Source: Etsy

If you are looking for Father’s Day gift ideas DIY, you can put together the ultimate snack box containing all of his favorites. Package it nicely in a fun gift box decorated with photos and stickers. And for a truly personal touch, top it off with a personalized greeting card or Father’s day flyers

This seems like such a simple gift, but it will surely touch your father’s heart. You know what they say, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” And this gift is proof that you know his preferences very well.

4. Collectibles From His Favorite Fandom

Source: Loot Crate

If you’re looking for nerdy Father’s Day gifts, a personalized box loaded with collectibles from his favorite game, movie, or TV series would be a fantastic present. Is he a Marvel fan? Or maybe an avid gamer? What’s his favorite film franchise or sports team?

You can browse online for references and curate a selection of the best items you can find within your budget. You can buy socks, shirts, underwear, accessories, or even food inspired by his favorite fandom.

Seal the deal with a DIY poster or collage maker inspired by his favorite media entity or game. If you need a little help with the design, here’s a quick guide to using PosterMyWall’s templates. The most important thing is to make it fun! Throw in an inside joke or two, or add a photo of him as his favorite character to make it truly personal. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity.

Even if you aren’t a fan yourself, a box of all his favorite fandom stuff and a DIY poster will show him that you listen to him and support his passion for his hobbies.

5. Memory-Filled Photo Book for the Sentimental Dad

All dads enjoy photos of their gorgeous family, but nowadays, they are all just stored in phones. So why not bring your favorite family photos to life in a custom photo book?

Create a stunning collage with our family gift collage templates to serve as your photo book cover, or use them to fill the pages. This is a fantastic gift for anyone in your family, but especially so for doting dads.

If you need design ideas or are in a rush, here’s a roundup of our best collage templates to help you make amazing pages with minimal effort. You’ll have a gorgeous photo book filled with dad’s favorite memories in just a few clicks.

6. Unlimited Access to His Favorite Shows

Source: Amazon Fire Stick

When dads aren’t working, you’ll probably find them on the couch, watching a sports game or their favorite TV show. With the Amazon Fire Stick, you can give the best man in your life access to all of his favorite things to watch. 

This is also the perfect Father’s day gift idea from a wife. You are basically giving your husband endless hours of entertainment at his disposal whenever he needs a break.

Add our snack box idea to go with his favorite shows, and he’ll be thanking you to high heaven!

7. Beard Oil for His Grooming Needs

You may be thinking that your dad or your husband needs a little bit more self-care but is too busy to get started. Or maybe you’re noticing that his beard often looks unkempt when he grows it out. 

He’ll definitely appreciate beard oil as a Father’s Day gift!

Make it all the more special by creating a beard treatment of your own concoction using a blend of nourishing essential oils. It’s easy, affordable, and will last for several months.

Use a blend of moisturizing oils to revitalize his beard and prevent dryness. Put it in an elegant dropper bottle for easy and mess-free application. Lastly, decorate the box with printable labels for a personal touch.

7. Item Tracker for the Forgetful Dad

Source: Tile Slim Tracker

Dads have a lot on their minds at times, so they often forget their keys, wallet, and other important belongings. There is no way around it; they’ll call you and ask you to bring whatever they forgot. This can be very stressful and quite a hassle for both of you.

The Tile tracker is a fantastic Father’s Day gift for older dads and those who have become especially forgetful. Your dad can just slip these card-sized trackers into his wallet and keep track of all his valuables with ease. 

The tracker works by alerting him via the Tile app should he forget to bring the item attached to the tracker. Now both of you can go about your day worry-free!

This is a great Father’s Day gift idea not just for your dad but for your husband, too. 

8. Organizer for Your Dad’s Valuables

Source: Organizer

Help your dad arrange and keep track of his essentials in a convenient, easy-to-use organizer. This organizer tray from Amazon has five compartments where he can store his daily necessities, such as his watch, sunglasses, keys, wallet, and keys. 

Choose an organizer that’s easy on the eyes and unobtrusive, something to match his low-key style so he will be encouraged to use it every day. When your dad uses an organizer, he’ll never misplace anything again!

9. Embossed Wallet to Inspire Him

Source: Next Level Engraving

If your father is a man of God, a leather wallet embossed with a Bible verse is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for church members. This personalized, engraved leather wallet from Etsy with an inscription is incredibly special, something that your father will be inspired by for years to come.

Choose his favorite Bible verse or spiritual quote so that every time he pulls out his wallet, it will give him something good to think about.

Give Dad the Best Gift This Father’s Day by Adding a Personal Touch

Even if you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your dad an amazing and touching gift for Father’s Day. You have all the opportunity to pleasantly surprise him with a meaningful gift that he’ll love and you’ll feel good about.

Adding a creative collage, poster, or personalized labels for a DIY gift for dad is a great way to make a simple gift much more meaningful. Make it a good one with PosterMyWall’s Father’s Day templates.

You can take these gifts up a notch with a personalized Father’s Day greeting card. Our templates make these cards easy to create, but if you need some help, we have a greeting card guide to get you started.

So whether you decide to buy him a present from a store or make him something a bit more heartfelt, he is going to adore the fact that you’ve put your personal twist on it.