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5 LinkedIn cover photo templates to make your profile stand out

Want to add a professional vibe to your LinkedIn? Here are 5 LinkedIn cover photo templates to get you started.

An up-to-date LinkedIn profile is crucial for maintaining a professional online presence. Currently, LinkedIn is known to be the largest business-oriented networking site in the world. With over 500 million active members spread across over 200 countries, LinkedIn has greatly helped people form online networks and connect with professionals from around the world. From all of this, it might seem pretty clear that a good quality LinkedIn profile is essential for you as a professional. Linkedin cover photos, your qualifications and your content come together to make that happen. 

But what goes into a good LinkedIn profile? What do you need to add to your profile to make sure it stands out? Sure, you need to add in all of your relevant work experiences, let everyone know about your professional endeavors, and keep up with all the updates on the site. But there’s one thing you might have overlooked: the power of a good Linkedin cover photo. 

A LinkedIn cover photo is basically a visual gateway into your profile. It tells the viewer who you are at first glance and what you have to offer. It also showcases how much effort you’re willing to put in to add a touch of professionalism to your profile. If you didn’t think a LinkedIn cover photo was a big deal before this, it’s okay. We’re here to help. Let’s start off with 5 professional-looking LinkedIn cover photo templates that you can customize to make your profile stand out. 

Showcase your qualifications

One great way to use a LinkedIn banner image or cover photo is by showcasing your qualifications so that people automatically know what your skills are related to. You can add your name, your highest qualification, and your current position or aim to your LinkedIn cover photo. PosterMyWall has a huge range of professional-looking free LinkedIn cover photos and LinkedIn banner templates that you can customize to fit your profile. 

This particular LinkedIn cover photo template is perfect for you if you want to go for an understated, professional vibe. You can make your own additions by going onto the PosterMyWall editor and customizing it to your liking. 

Let people know what you do

Your LinkedIn profile is the perfect place to let people know what you do professionally, and what specific services you offer. And the best way to portray your services is through an eye-catching LinkedIn cover photo. 

This particular Linkedin banner template is simple yet effective in that it lets you display your current role and a short tagline that helps you sell yourself to your LinkedIn network. You can also add a url to your website to lead people to your actual place of work.

Advertise your brand

If you own a brand or small business, a linkedIn background photo is the perfect way to do it. You can create a scroll-stopping LinkedIn cover photo by adding your brand name and logo to it, customizing it with your brand colors, and adding in your tagline and website link so people can be directed straight to your site. The LinkedIn cover photo template below serves as a great example for this. 

Send a message

Visuals serve as a great medium when you want to convey a certain message to your audience. And your Linkedin background image is no different. If you have an important message to convey, or if you’re supporting a particular movement, this is a great way to show your support. 

This COVID-10 awareness LinkedIn banner template can be used by any individual or business looking to spread word about COVID-19 related issues. SImilarly, you can use such banners to show your network how much you support a certain cause and what your stance is on the matter. 

Let people know you’re hiring

Trying to fill those job openings at your company? Or maybe you just started your business and want to find the right talent to help you grow. A customized Linkedin cover photo is perfect for that. 

Let your network know you’re actively recruiting by creating and posting a customized LinkedIn banner. You can add hiring information in the banner, and let people know how they can apply. This way, people looking for jobs won’t have to scroll through your profile or website to know if you have openings, and will be able to apply directly. 

Find and create the best LinkedIn banner images now

You’re pretty aware now of how important visuals are, even on professional sites such as LinkedIn. A good quality Linkedin cover photo has the power to draw people toward your profile. Now it’s your turn. Head onto PosterMyWall and get access to free LinkedIn cover photos that you can customize to add that professional vibe to your LinkedIn profile.