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Travel agency marketing: 4 Instagram content ideas to steal

Learn four travel Instagram content ideas you can swipe for your travel agency today, with examples to get you inspired.

Instagram may no longer be the freshest and coolest social media platform on the block right now (TikTok currently holds that honor). Nevertheless, it’s still an amazing place for promoting a brand. And this especially holds true for promoting a travel agency with travel Instagram content ideas. Because where do people often post their travel pics and vids? You guessed it—it’s Instagram.

While Instagram is trying to get brands to pay to advertise on the platform, there are many ways of marketing your travel agency on Instagram without giving Meta—that’s Instagram’s parent company—a single cent.

Want to learn how? Then check out these four travel Instagram content ideas you can swipe for your travel agency today. We’ve also included examples taken from some of the best travel brands on Instagram to get you inspired.

1. Design attractive travel social media flyers

Of all the travel Instagram content ideas, the most obvious one might be to create travel flyer posts. But the challenge is getting your flyers to stand out in your followers’ feeds. After all, your followers have no shortage of Instagram content to scroll, and you want them to spend more time on yours.

The key to achieving that is designing travel social media flyers that use attention-grabbing elements. Just like what travel agency Kohhe has done:

The word “Bali” in huge font immediately catches your eye, as do the graphics of Bali’s famous places of interest. And of course, the image of the airplane makes you want to pack your luggage and jump on a plane to Bali right now.

If you don’t have a professional graphic designer on your team, try using PosterMyWall to design your flyers! We have over 6,800 Instagram post templates for travel content that you can customize using an easy-to-use graphic design editor.

Add your own text and images to make the designs unique, then post the resulting travel flyers on Instagram to market your travel agency.

2. Feature customers in your Instagram posts

Instead of just publicizing your travel agency’s tour packages in your Instagram posts, why not showcase your customers as well? This is a refreshing change of pace that makes you look less salesy, while helping you get remembered.

To do a customer feature, interview your customers to learn their experiences while on a tour with you. Then, use what they’ve shared to craft Instagram posts that showcase their stories in glorious detail. After potential customers read these posts, they might just rush to sign up for your trips!

Here’s a post by Intrepid Travel, where the company spotlighted one of its satisfied customers:

In the Instagram post, the customer mentioned how she had booked one of Intrepid Travel’s Egypt tours, and how the trip had brought her much joy. She also shared an unforgettable moment from the trip that made it worthwhile for her.

What happened after Intrepid Travel posted this Instagram post? Well, its followers took note of its Egypt packages for sure: the post got plenty of favorable comments ranging from “Love this!” to “Wonderful! I hope to do the same soon. ❤️❤️❤️”

3. Engage your followers via Instagram Stories

Apart from creating Instagram posts, be sure to also make use of one of Instagram’s signature features: the Instagram Story. They provide a great opportunity for you to engage with your customers by inserting stickers such as:

  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Sliders

Adding these neat stickers to your Stories lets your followers interact with your content more, instead of passively consuming it (and moving on to the next brand’s content). The more they interact with your Stories, the stronger their loyalty toward your brand—which may also translate to them booking their next trip with you.

If you need Instagram story ideas for your travel agency, take a look at this Instagram Story by Travel Alberta:

The organization used a stunning photo (of a location in Alberta, presumably!) to attract attention, and added a Questions sticker to ask its followers which part of Alberta they wanted to visit.

And Travel Alberta’s followers delivered. They responded with various answers as shown below:

People can reshare their responses to their Instagram feeds for their own followers to see—which only helps boost awareness of Travel Alberta and its offerings among more people.

P.S.: PosterMyWall has got Instagram Story templates too! Just check out some of them below.

4. Demonstrate your expertise with Instagram Guides

Instagram is rolling out new features all the time. As far as possible, you’ll want to make full use of these as you promote your travel agency on the platform. And here’s one relatively new feature worth checking out: Instagram Guides.

This feature helps you add a simple blog to your Instagram page for promoting longer-form content. It works by combining multiple Instagram posts into individual guides, which are publicized in a separate Instagram feed tab.

Here’s an example of an Instagram Guide promoting West Village in New York City, courtesy of travel agency SmartFlyer:

The guide starts with a beautiful cover image, before stringing together a series of Instagram posts of places in West Village. Each post likewise contains an appealing photo plus a short write-up of the location in question. Then, when clicked, each post in the Instagram Guide leads followers back to the original post.

Take a quick look at your competitors’ Instagram accounts: do they have Instagram Guides set up? Possibly not—so this is your chance to showcase your content in a new format that your rivals haven’t adopted yet.

Bring your travel Instagram content ideas to life with PosterMyWall

The competition among travel agencies can be tough, with people planning their summer trips and travels for beyond—and every travel agency (including yours) vying for their business. Instagram’s visual nature makes it the perfect travel agency marketing platform, so use these travel Instagram content ideas to help your travel agency get noticed on Instagram.

This means taking drool-worthy photos of scenic locations and writing punchy copy, and combining these two into polished Instagram marketing collateral. Regardless of whether you’re creating an Instagram travel agency flyer, Instagram Story, Instagram Guide, or something else, PosterMyWall’s travel agent marketing tools make it easy to create such content even if you don’t have design experience.

PosterMyWall can also be used for free, helping you keep your costs down as you steal our travel Instagram content ideas to market your travel agency. All you have to do is to create your free PosterMyWall account here to get started.