9 open house flyer templates to try for your next viewing

Avail these open house flyer templates and sell your properties in no time at all. Customize and download the templates for free.

An open house flyer is the first interaction with a potential customer. The primary goal is to pique the interest of your potential buyers and motivate them to attend your open house and find out more about it. The flyers should have enough information about the home, the venue, and the time when the open house will take place. 

The success of your strategy depends on your dedication to making those flyers look both on-brand and stunning. Creating open house flyers does not have to be hard, time-consuming, or expensive. However, for people to show up, your open house design needs to stand out and catch the eye of homebuyers. Thus, the templates you use to design the flyers impact the attendance at your open house. With that being said, it should be your primary concern to use the best real estate templates to maximize the audience at your event. 

That is why we put together this list of flyer templates available on PosterMyWall that you can use to create beautifully designed open house flyers. Not only do they look nice to impress your potential customer, but they will actually drive traffic to your open house. 

House viewings 

This open house flyer template is perfect for designing flyers that are to the point and easy to understand. The design allows you to include one large picture with a few small photographs, showcasing the house from outside and individual rooms respectively. Next to those pictures, you can include all the relevant information about your upcoming open house as well as your contact details. All of that in a sleek design is perfect for a flyer. 

With this flyer template and others, you can add an impressive image with additional information to complement it. The combination of images of important rooms and some text next to it both show and tell the viewers why they might buy this house. 

Other than this template, there are thousands of other open house poster templates as well on PosterMyWall that you can use to promote your upcoming house viewing. 

Mansion viewings

This flyer template is ideal for exclusive, high-end mansions. Using the VIP angle is a perfect approach to get the customers interested in having a look at your property since it gives them the thought of getting to see something unique. It is perfect for houses with a pretty garden and a beautiful front side. A single front image of the house will definitely get the attention of the potential buyers. 

Other than an invitation to an open house, the key element of this template is the call to action for visitors to contact you for a visit. Once a person contacts you for a visit, the chances of them buying the house increase. 

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Not only can you use this template, but you can also find other real estate flyer templates on PosterMyWall as well to creatively portray your mansion viewing to your potential buyers. 

Apartment viewings

Sometimes the visuals of the property are not enough to draw the crowds at your open houses. If you have an apartment listing that needs a description too with the pictures, then this flyer template might be the one for you to use. 

This open house flyer is all about providing your potential clients with as much information as possible so they are completely aware of the kind of property they are going to buy. Once they get to the venue, they would not be surprised, but they might fall in love with the house when they see it in person. 

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The standout feature of this template is that it has icons for you to show more than just one picture of the apartment. This helps you show the features of the house in detail. With the separate space available for home details, you can explain interesting facts about the property that pictures cannot convey. 

Beach house viewings

This open house flyer template is one of its kind. Templates for a house or an apartment are easily available on the internet, but finding a template for a beach house can be difficult. Beach houses are mostly about the views and the availability of basic necessities. With little details and fascinating pictures on this flyer template, you can easily motivate people to rent out the beach house on your listing. 

We offer a variety of other beach house flyer templates as well that you can use to list your beach house. 


The more people attend your open houses, the more chances there are for you to sell the property. Open house flyers give you a quick way to market your listings well in advance. With PosterMyWall, you can choose any open house flyer template from a large variety and customize them according to your needs in a matter of minutes. Upload the real estate flyers on social media or print and use in your locale.

Hence, use the well-designed effective open house flyer templates and make your open houses a complete success.