Use these best friend collage ideas to celebrate Friendship Day with your BFF

Create a gorgeous collage for your best friend to tell them you love them this Friendship Day. Here are some amazing best friend collage ideas to get started!

Friendship Day is meant for you to celebrate your unique bond with your bff, in a way that captures your friendship and puts a smile on their face. Making a one-of-a-kind gift collage is a great way to put all your favorite memories together, and give your friend a heartwarming message. With all kinds of personalized and special best friend collage ideas, you can create a wonderful gift for a wonderful friend, with the help of a collage maker.

Best Friend Collage Ideas for a Special Friendship Day Gift

Creating a collage is extremely simple, especially with a plethora of online platforms such as PosterMyWall that offer all the necessary tools. Here are some best friend collage ideas to get you started:

A Timeline of Your Friendship

Every friendship is a wonderful adventure and you can create a timeline of your journey with a lovely collage.

Add pictures of the two of you on important milestones, and write sweet notes about how special a particular event was. You can even tell your friend how your friendship progressed and when you realized they went from “good friend” to “best friend/bff”!

Memorable Milestones

It’s always fun to look back on all your favorite moments with your bff, and a collage can help you do just that!

Make a list of all your most memorable milestones together – the first time you had a sleepover, your favorite trip together, that time you went shopping and clicked goofy selfies. The possibilities are endless.

In fact, you don’t have to stop at pictures of the two of you together. You can also add images of your favorite places and tell your bff how much you love sharing these moments with them!

Collage and Mixed Tape/Playlist

Music is a universal language and what better way to express your love for the one who has been there for you through thick and thin!

You can make a mixed tape or a playlist with some fun songs you would like to dedicate to your bff; and put the song art, artist, or even an image of your bff along with the title in your collage.

Send your bff the link to the playlist to listen to while they look at all the pictures you’ve collected, and all the reasons you’ve listed for choosing these songs!

Pop Culture Collage

You’ve probably come across a dialogue or character in books, comics, or films that reminds you of your bff on several occasions, right?

Well, why not let your bff know you relate them to these particular characters! They’ll be so flattered and feel really special.

Take some fun images of the different characters you associate with your bff, pair them up with some fun dialogues and quotes, and you’re good to go. Just make sure you explain why you’ve picked a particular character and what about them reminds you of your bff.

You can also do this with other things such as paintings and photographs that remind you of your bff!

Bucket List Collage

Have you ever sat around with your bff, making a bucket list full of places you want to visit and things you want to do together?

Let them know how much you cherish these conversations by making a collage of the items on your bucket list. You can even add new ideas, so they know all the things you want to share with them and experience together!

It’s a great way to show your appreciation and let your bff know that you really do want them around forever.

Customize road trip collage here.

How To Make A Collage: Tips and Tricks

When making your bff a collage, here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Pick high quality pictures so they print clearly
  • Edit the pictures if you want to have a cohesive vibe or aesthetic (for example, you can make all the pictures have a polaroid effect, or go for monochrome or sepia instead!)
  • Get creative with the layout – make fun shapes or scatter the pictures around randomly, it’s up to you (or you can use collage templates)
  • Vary the sizes of the images to make it more interesting to look at
  • Use fun fonts, clip art, and stickers to add an extra pop
  • Use a background color, pattern, or gradient that is personal – if you and your bff share a favorite color, that’s a great option!
  • Print the collage on premium, glossy paper and frame it, or you can even print it on poster paper!
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Celebrating friendship day with your bff is an amazing experience, and these best friend collage ideas are sure to make for an amazing gift. 

So what are you waiting for? Scroll through all your photos our best friend collage templates and make sure to pick out the best ones to make your bff smile!