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Stay on-brand with all-new Brand Kits

Struggling to stay on brand while creating different designs? Read on to learn how you can make things easier with PosterMyWall Brand Kits.

The right brand image is integral to every business. And what goes into the right brand image? A certain color palette, the right logo and imagery, the perfect font, and so much more. As a brand, you want your image to be easily recognizable by your customers. 

But it can be a hassle to always have to remember what exact shades of colors you have to use in your graphics. Not to mention the added hassle of having to upload and add your brand logo separately to each graphic you create. What if there was a way to have all of your brand content readily available and organized for you to use in your marketing?

Well, now there is. PosterMyWall brings you Brand Kits, allowing you to store your brand logo, primary fonts, brand colors, and so much more in one single, easily accessible place. If you ever had to go through the added burden of an extensive search for your brand design material, this update is for you. 

Curious about what Brand Kits are and how they work? Let’s find out.

What exactly is a Brand Kit and how do you create one?

Simply put: a Brand Kit is the answer to your marketing and design troubles. You can create one or multiple Brand Kits from your My Stuff page. Our Brand Kit update is divided into 3 sections:

Brand logos

If you have a logo or any other branded imagery that you frequently use in your designs, you don’t have to go through the hassle of having to upload it separately to each graphic anymore. Click on “Upload a logo” in your Brand Kit and upload all your branded imagery from your My Photos menu. Now, if you need to add your logo to a design, you have it uploaded and ready to be used within your Brand Kit. Say goodbye to multiple, time-consuming uploads!

Brand colors

Every brand has one or two – or maybe even more – colors that they directly associate with their brand image. And more often than not, those colors are a super specific shade and can be a challenge to find and set every time you need to create a design. With Brand Kits, you can set your brand colors and have them ready for use whenever you need them. 

You can use the available color palette in the “brand colors” option to set your primary and secondary brand colors. Once your brand colors are set, they’ll be available to use in color selection options for images, text, background, and more. 

Brand fonts

Have a specific font you use for your brand? Maybe you want to give off a sleek, sophisticated brand image through a stylized curved font, or maybe you frequently use a particular bold font to bring attention to your text. Whichever font you use, now you can officially set it as your branded font and customize the color for it. 

What else can you do with a Brand Kit?

Running multiple brand campaigns at once? Well, you can’t afford to mix up important aspects like the colors and imagery. Luckily, you don’t have to take the risk. PosterMyWall allows you to create multiple Brand Kits for multiple brand campaigns at the same time so that you can keep your content separated, organized, and right where it needs to be when you need it. 

If you have a Teams account, you can have your team make edits or changes to the brand account at any time, allowing for easy access to branded content for all members. 

Create your own Brand Kit now! 

Nobody said it was easy to always keep your content on brand. But we can definitely make it much simpler for you to do so. With Brand Kits, everything you need to create the perfect brand image will be at your disposal when creating branded content. Not only will this simplify your branding journey, but it will also help ensure that you never go off brand. So what are you waiting for? Create your own Brand Kit now and get ready for a smooth marketing journey ahead.