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Promote your child care business with babysitting posters and other marketing materials

Want to attract new clients for your child care business? Learn how to create babysitting posters and other marketing materials to drum up some new business.

Babysitting is a competitive business. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), there are almost 100,000 childcare experts in the U.S., and that doesn’t even count teenagers or part-timers who don’t fill out tax returns.

If you want to make a splash in the childcare industry, you need to know how to compete with everyone else looking for babysitting jobs. You need to create marketing material to give you an edge on the competition. Here are a few quick tips about how to create babysitting posters and more to promote your brand.

Babysitting posters

Marketing 101 says to promote yourself where your audience spends most of their time. Since you want to take care of children while parents are away from home, why not target locations where people live?

Posters are great for “posting.” And if you want to target people where they live, hang posters around nearby neighborhoods. That way, parents will see your posters while they’re out walking the dog, on a morning jog, or just strolling around the neighborhood and think about how great a night out will be, before taking down your contact information.

An effective babysitting poster should contain at least most of following information:

  • Headline or title
  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • An eye-catching design, colors, and/or image
  • Pricing
  • Services you provide
  • Ages you specialize in
  • Testimonials or reviews

The goal is to include enough information to convince parents you’re qualified to watch their children (it is a big deal, after all), but not so much that they can’t get an idea of what you’re offering within a few seconds as they pass. Posters aren’t meant to be taken home and read in-depth. Think of them like small billboards.

The easiest way to design professional-looking designs is by using a babysitting poster template. You can find thousands of free poster templates online. Just pick the one that best fits your style, fill in your information, and you’re ready to print and post around town.

Babysitting flyers

Flyers are similar to babysitting posters, except they’re usually printed on normal printer paper or emailed, rather than professionally printed on high-quality paper. They’re a bit cheaper, but they’re also less eye-catching. Flyers are best for when you want to go for quantity over quality.

There are many similarities between designing a poster and a flyer. You still want to provide your information in a short and concise manner and include an attention-grabbing design. But since you can print off more flyers for the same price as a few posters, they’re great for hanging everywhere around town, giving stacks to local businesses, or even handing out around town.

Just like with the poster, you can easily design a professional flyer using a free online babysitting flyer template. Just look through the designs and choose one that fits your brand. You’ll be ready to promote your babysitting business in no time!

Babysitting pamphlets

While you’re in the handing-out mood, babysitting pamphlets are another way to promote your business. However, unlike babysitting posters and flyers, pamphlets aren’t designed to be hung around town. They’re meant to provide more in-depth information about your background and services.

Most pamphlets are folded (either tri- or bi-fold) with an eye-catching cover image and large heading on the front. On the inside, you can fill the babysitting pamphlet with full written paragraphs about your babysitting services. Don’t forget to throw in some personality! That could separate you from the competition.

Pamphlets are a great way to provide potential customers with more information about what you offer than what they can quickly read on your flyers or posters. Hand them out in neighborhoods or ask local businesses to keep a stack of your pamphlets on-hand to distribute.

If you want an idea about how to get started, check out some of the pamphlet and brochure templates at PosterMyWall.

Babysitting social media posts

It might be fun handing out and posting flyers, brochures, and posters, but online marketing is another great way to promote your babysitting business that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Creating engaging social media posts for your babysitting is cheap and easy for your satisfied customers to reshare with their friends and family members. You can post on your personal profile or create a separate profile specifically for your babysitting business. If you choose to use your personal account, remember to keep the rest of your posts on-brand with your business. Pictures of parties or offensive posts are a sure-fire way to make parents not trust you to watch their kids.

Once you build your social media presence, potential customers can view your profile to learn about your services and even message you directly to hire you. The more satisfied customers you get, the more your online reach will grow.

Social media marketing is more than just posting pictures of yourself or your satisfied clients. You can also make promotional babysitting social media posts to market specific services. If you’re not a graphic designer, check out some of the free social media templates or babysitting posters available on PosterMyWall.

Babysitting business cards

What happens if you meet a parent who casually mentions they need someone to watch their kids? You better have a few babysitting business cards in your pocket!

Business cards are great for networking directly with potential customers. You can hand them out to parents, so they can take it home and keep your information handy the next time they want to go out without the kids.

Since business cards are so small, it’s important to include only the most important pieces of information:

  • Your name (or business name) and contact information
  • Headline (your title “babysitter”)
  • Fun image (logo, clip art, etc.)
  • Credentials or certificates
  • QR code to your website, social media, or online references

Everyone in the childcare industry is going to be handing out business cards, so make sure yours stand out with a professional design. Look through some of the babysitting business card templates on PosterMyWall to find a design that works for your brand.

Once you have your business cards in hand, give them to everyone you see with kids. You never know who might need to have a night out on the town pretty soon!

Promote your babysitting business with great designs

The key to a great babysitting marketing strategy is well-designed promotional materials. Templates are a great way to create high-quality babysitting posters, flyers, pamphlets, social media posts, and business cards that are guaranteed to drum up some business for your babysitting enterprise.

At PosterMyWall, we have thousands of marketing templates to help you create professional-level marketing materials without needing professional-level design skills. Look through some of our templates to see which resonate best with your babysitting business.