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4 ways of marketing your La Tomatina event (+ new La Tomatina poster templates)

It’s tomato-throwing time. Make your La Tomatina event a smashing success by using a La Tomatina poster template, promo video, and more!

Of all the interesting festivals that people celebrate, the Spanish festival of La Tomatina ranks high among them. After all, you get to fling tomatoes at your family, friends, and even complete strangers just for the fun of it. And no one will get mad at you afterward!

If you’re holding a La Tomatina event, though, then you will need people for event attendees to throw tomatoes at. Otherwise, they might turn their aim toward you—which you might or might not want.

Keep reading as we share four tips for promoting your La Tomatina event, and attracting as many attendees as possible!

1. Design a La Tomatina poster for social media

People spend a good chunk of time scrolling their social media feeds every day. So if you want to promote your La Tomatina event, then you have to share it on your social accounts.

But don’t just type a few lines of text, post that, and call it a day. That’s boring. The more effective tactic is to design a La Tomatina poster that contains:

  • Large headings to grab attention
  • Eye-catching graphics to spark viewers’ imagination
  • Catchy copy to intrigue them into learning more
  • A call to action inviting them to either register for your event, or just show up on that day!

This La Tomatina poster by travel agency Jaimin Holidays checks off all the above boxes:

Creating your own La Tomatina poster is easy with PosterMyWall. We’ve got a neat collection of La Tomatina poster templates that you can customize using our beginner-friendly design editor. Give our editor a try with one of the templates below!

2. Release a promotional La Tomatina video

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with creating posters, challenge yourself to create a promotional video. Videos definitely need more work to make, but they can hold viewers’ attention for longer compared to a static image. And more attention potentially leads to more interest, which potentially leads to more attendees.

If you aren’t sure what your La Tomatina video should include, try featuring highlights from previous La Tomatina events. This is what travel concierge service Lafayette Luxury has done in this Instagram video:

The people in the video looked like they were having a ton of fun. We’re super tempted to join them too!

Unless you can (and want to) spend big bucks on video production, your smartphone’s camera is usually more than good enough for getting quality footage. Then, use PosterMyWall’s video templates to put your La Tomatina festival promo video together! Here are a few templates to get you started:

3. Create La Tomatina festival tickets

If you’re holding a ticketed La Tomatina event, then it’s a no-brainer that you’ll need to create tickets. These tickets will generally contain information such as:

  • The name of the event
  • The event date, time, and venue
  • Any event terms and conditions (such as tickets being non-refundable)
  • Barcodes or QR codes that you’ll scan to register attendees

PosterMyWall ticket templates contain placeholders for such information, which you can easily replace with your event’s unique details.

After creating your La Tomatina tickets, print them for physical distribution. Alternatively, send online copies of the tickets to your attendees’ email addresses. Whichever is the case, remind your attendees to bring their tickets when they turn up. No ticket, no entry.

P.S.: For promotional purposes, you can even add your ticket design to a social media poster (see point #1 above)! Here’s an example of this tactic in action, courtesy of the La Tomatina de Buñol Facebook page:

4. Start a new La Tomatina Facebook event

As you prep for your La Tomatina event, you’ll likely want to gauge the number of expected attendees.

Well, creating a Facebook event is perfect for this purpose. That’s because users can RSVP to indicate whether they’ll be attending. They can also use the invite feature to invite their friends to your event!

Apart from that, Facebook events have cool features that let you:

  • Share event details (such as the time and date) with attendees
  • Plot your event location on a map for ease of navigation
  • Add URLs for directing users elsewhere (such as if they have to buy tickets from your website)

For inspiration, check out this Facebook event created by Fanatics to promote this year’s La Tomatina celebration:

Make your La Tomatina event a smashing success!

When it comes to holding a La Tomatina event, there are two things you can never have enough of: tomatoes, and people for potential tomato targets.

Getting more tomatoes is easy. Just put in an advance order with your favorite supplier! But getting more people requires the use of smart marketing tactics—such as those we’ve shared above.

PosterMyWall is a fantastic graphic design platform for creating the marketing collateral you’ll need for promoting your La Tomatina event. If you don’t already have a PosterMyWall account, you can sign up for free here.

After that, once you’ve got a crowd coming in on the day of your La Tomatina event, the only thing left to do is to supply the tomatoes—and wait for the splattering to begin.