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25 lead magnet examples to swipe for your next email campaign

Not sure how to create effective lead magnets? Check out our breakdown of 25 lead magnet examples and what makes each of them great.

If you’re looking for lead magnet examples, you’re in the right place. Because we’re going to share not one, not two, but 25 of them to get your creative juices flowing.

But you might be wondering, what are lead magnets?

Understanding lead magnets

Any form of free asset or deal you offer to customers in exchange for their email address is termed as a lead magnet. A lead magnet can come as a discount voucher, free ebook, access to exclusive content and more.

We cover all sorts of lead magnets you can try to grow your mailing list.

But don’t copy them wholesale! Take them as lead magnet templates that you can adapt for your specific business needs.

We’ll also reveal what’s noteworthy about these lead magnet examples, so you can take notes and make your lead magnets just as good as them.

Without further ado, let’s examine these lead magnet examples in more detail…

1. Uniqlo EU

If you sign up for fashion retailer Uniqlo’s email list through its European Union website, you’ll get €10 off your first online order.

This is a smart list-building strategy that any retailer or e-commerce store can borrow. Why? Because a person browsing your website may already be intending to buy from you. So offering an easy discount makes it a no-brainer for them to sign up!

2. Epson

Multinational electronics company Epson dangles a free restaurant experience guide to teach restaurant owners how to create a superb diner experience.

This guide is no simple one-pager either. It’s a six-part whitepaper, and we love how it neatly breaks down what readers will learn from start to finish—namely, the things to consider before, during, and after a meal.

Epson even provides its sources for readers to dig deeper into certain statements if they want to do so.

3. The Hustle

On an archive page, The Hustle has displayed its past newsletter editions for users to browse. If they like what they see, they might sign up to receive more of such content.

We like how this approach recycles previous emails into lead magnets. That’s because you probably spend a lot of time designing and writing your newsletters. So why not reuse them if you can?

4. Backlinko

SEO training company Backlinko offers exclusive SEO tips that you know will be good stuff. After all, these tips have gotten the seal of approval from the Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot himself.

You can likewise add social proof to your lead magnets to boost their credibility. As people see the positive things that others have said about your lead magnets, they might be convinced that your lead magnets will be useful for them too.

The next step? They’ll sign up.

5. Business Relationship Alliance

The lead magnet being offered by Business Relationship Alliance (BRA) is in perfect sync with the organization’s brand voice.

This women’s business networking group cheekily abbreviates its name to that of the female undergarment. And in the lead magnet (and the landing page promoting it), you’ll find punny uses of words like “lift” and “support.”

Think about how you can inject personality into your own lead magnets to drive interest and email sign-ups!

6. Impraise

While lead magnets are often created to promote something, they themselves also need to be promoted. And people enablement platform Impraise knows it.

The platform didn’t just publish a blank landing page with the words “Subscribe here” in big letters. Among other things, it has put together a quick bullet-point list to share what users can learn from reading its lead magnet.

Then, if users are interested in these pointers, they’ll duly subscribe.

7. Suddath

Moving company Suddath doesn’t do the typical e-book or checklist lead magnet. Instead, it gives free quotes to users in exchange for their email address.

This is a great example of tailoring your lead magnet to your industry and target audience. In Suddath’s case, its target audience is likely to consist of people who need moving services—and hence want to know how much such services cost. Providing free, no-obligations quotes fits the bill perfectly.

8. Copyblogger

When you hear the title of content marketing community Copyblogger’s lead magnet, it no doubt leaves a strong first impression.

After all, why on Earth is a free email series on the future of content marketing called “The Killer and the Poet”? Who’s the killer? Who’s the poet? Are content marketers going to turn into killers and/or poets?!

If you can make your lead magnet titles as compelling as Copyblogger’s, we’re confident that you’ll achieve a—pun not intended—killer sign-up rate for yourself.


Inbound marketing training company IMPACT has done some fantastic things with the cover of its ebook lead magnet. Namely, it has:

  • Made the cover of its ebook lead magnet a bright, eye-catching red
  • Displayed the phrase “INBOUND SALES” in large font to emphasize what the ebook is about
  • Used a well-designed graphic to increase the cover’s visual appeal

The result is an attention-grabbing ebook that entices users to grab a copy for themselves.

10. Leadpages

Webinars are especially attractive lead magnets for users who are visual learners. And here, landing page builder Leadpages has offered a lead magnet in the form of social media marketing webinars.

These webinars are conducted by experts and are available on demand for free. All that users have to do to gain access to eight hours of “zero fluff” material is to provide their email address.

11. Karmen Kendrick

On marketing consultant Karmen Kendrick’s website, users can take a quick quiz to find out whether their website is working for them.

Then, to get a copy of their results, they have to leave their email address—which is when they will have also entered Kendrick’s lead magnet funnel.

This lead magnet idea is worth using because people love finding out how well they are doing (and how they can improve). A quiz may take some technical know-how to set up, but can prove highly effective in growing an email list!

12. Bidsketch

Proposal software platform Bidsketch’s lead magnet is pretty genius. It’s a sample proposal for users who need help with creating professional proposals.

But when you download the sample, you’ll realize that it itself is a proposal for why users should use Bidsketch to create proposals!

You don’t need to get that meta, but the point is that you can turn samples of your products into a lead magnet. Keep the offer small—it’s only a sample, after all—but still reflective of the value that your product can deliver.

13. 100 Days of Real Food

Food blogger 100 Days of Real Food knows her food and has designed her lead magnet to appeal to people’s stomachs. When you subscribe to her email list, you’ll get one dinner plan every week that covers five dinners, side items, and a treat.

And if this isn’t enough for you, you’ll also get access to all her past dinner plans on her website. Now that’s one way of being generous with your lead magnet!

14. Say No to Broscience

Here’s a lead magnet format you may not have thought of: a spreadsheet.

This is what fitness blog Say No to Broscience uses to generate email sign-ups, with its spreadsheet for users to track their workout progress. The spreadsheet also contains links to videos on Say No to Broscience’s YouTube channel if users want guidance on certain exercises.

What’s more, Say No to Broscience doesn’t need to host the spreadsheet anywhere special. It’s in Google Sheets format, and easily accessible by anyone with the link to it.

15. SmartBlogger

If there were shortcuts you could use to instantly level up your skills, would you take them? You probably would, which is what makes Smart Blogger’s cheat sheet lead magnet so tempting.

The blogging community offers a cheat sheet of headline hacks to help writers write viral blog posts. These headline hacks also haven’t been conjured from thin air, but are based on headlines that have worked for leading publications.

16. Tactical

Titled “The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Emergencies,” Tactical’s lead magnet plays on people’s fear of being unprepared. It promises to help preppers and their families stay safe in the event of a crisis, be it a hurricane or even a zombie apocalypse.

Also, note Tactical’s liberal use of the color red for its ebook cover. Red is often used to signify danger or alarm, making it a highly appropriate color for the occasion.

17. Fabulous50s

Female community Fabulous50s makes use of Facebook flyer animations to promote its lead magnet, and to great effect. Because as you’re on Facebook, the moving visuals may stand out in your feed—and cause you to stop scrolling and pay attention.

And getting your attention is the crucial first step. After all, it is only when Fabulous50s has your attention that it has the chance to pitch its ebook and snag your email address.

18. School of McRock

Learning the guitar from scratch can be daunting. What if you had access to a toolkit that gives you all the resources you’ll need?

Enter the School of McRock’s guitar toolkit! It’s a rich resource of warm-up tips, guitar exercises, advice on guitar picking, and more.

Being pitched at beginners, the toolkit likely gets more downloads (and email sign-ups) compared to one designed for a more advanced—and hence smaller—audience.

19. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi hosts the I Will Teach You to Be Rich podcast, where he helps address couples’ personal finance issues. He also turns listeners into email subscribers by offering scripts on how to talk to a partner about money.

And here’s the key selling point: these scripts can be used word for word. This makes them highly appealing to people who want to discuss money issues with their partner but have no idea how to.

20. Chicfetti

Creative prints store Chicfetti’s email marketing strategy may seem simple: it just offers printables as lead magnets. But if you look closer, the strategy is actually genius.

That’s because the store can turn each printable into a separate lead magnet that feeds into a separate email funnel. From there, Chicfetti can easily track which printables are most popular and driving the most sign-ups.

21. Conover Company

Similar to what Leadpages has done (see point #10 above), Conover Company also gives users webinar access in return for their email address. But with its webinar being held live, the cloud-based assessments provider has added a countdown timer to its lead magnet landing page.

This countdown timer ticks down to the start date of the webinar, introducing a sense of urgency that nudges users to sign up and save their spot now.

22. New Perspective

How much are you getting out of your marketing investment? That’s the question that growth marketing agency New Perspective wants to help you answer with its Marketing ROI Calculator.

Using the calculator is straightforward:

  1. Provide your email address
  2. Answer some questions, such as your number of monthly website visitors

The calculator then tells you your estimated marketing return on investment (ROI). It’s easy to use, plus provides valuable intel for which users would happily share their email address.

23. MyExcelOnline

MyExcelOnline’s lead magnet of choice is a free Excel workshop for corporate professionals. The workshop teaches a four-step process for leveling up your Excel skills in 30 days, which by itself is already valuable.

But unlike the lead magnet examples here, the Microsoft Excel course platform has gone one step further with its lead magnet. It gives all workshop attendees a free bonus! This bonus is a PDF with a whopping 333 Excel keyboard shortcuts and templates, and only increases the main lead magnet’s attractiveness.

24. Marketo

If you run a software company, you’ll definitely want to steal Marketo’s lead magnet idea. Here, interested users can fill out an email form to watch demos of the Marketo product in action.

For sure, you could simply upload your product demo video to YouTube for everyone to watch. But by turning it into a lead magnet, you give yourself the opportunity to get leads into your email sales funnel.

25. 365Talents

Of all the lead magnet examples here, decentralized talent experience platform 365Talents might use the most eyebrow-raising tactic (in a good way!) It wants its ebook lead magnet to help you use skills intelligence to solve strategic human resource challenges. In fact, it is so committed to your success that it provides a “backup offer”:

If you aren’t satisfied with 365Talents’ ebook, you can let the platform know. It will then set up a 30-minute strategy consultation just for you, and for free.

By providing such alternative value, 365Talents preemptively addresses objections that could deter people from signing up for the ebook.

Feeling inspired by these lead magnet examples?

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Finally, don’t forget to promote your lead magnets!

Monitor how they’re doing. Are they converting well, or do users seem disinterested in them?

If needed, refer back to the lead magnet examples we’ve shared here to see how to enhance your lead magnets for higher sign-up rates.

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