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How to promote your business using autumn content ideas

Say goodbye to the summers and grow your business using these 10 effective autumn content ideas. Find new fall themed templates inside.

Autumn is a great time of the year. With everyone trying to end the year on a good note, leaves changing their colors, and the weather getting colder, autumn is a perfect opportunity for businesses to expand and get more customers. The few months of the season are typically packed for both business owners and customers. It is your time to avail the chance and win over new customers and reward your previous consumers. There are many events and holidays to celebrate like back to school, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and more. 

But how exactly can you make the most of this tremendous opportunity? According to a study, retail sales show a considerable increase every year during October. With so much going on, autumn is a great time to grow your business, but with very little time to actually do things, there is a great chance of failure if you do not plan beforehand. 

Coming up with new ideas to get the attention of your viewers is essential for your business to grow. However, it can be a difficult task to reach your target audience and get rewarded with meaningful engagement. Finding autumn content ideas for your seasonal promotion is not as simple as you think, and you will have to devise some thoughtful ideas to get the desired outcome. 

If you are struggling with autumn content ideas, do not worry. From back-to-school season to foliage and pumpkins and beyond, we have you covered with some great ideas for your business to grow in this year’s autumn. 

Back-to-school promotion

Back-to-school is one of the main marketing opportunities of the year. It is a significant retail holiday that gives businesses a great chance to get onboard and increase their sales. However, creating a stand-out back to school promotional campaign to break through the crowded retail landscape could be challenging. Spreading a persuasive message around your offers for back to school promotion will meet your customer’s expectations and needs and encourage them to buy. 

Source: Crayola

Social media platforms work wonders if you want to approach your customers in a more personal manner, and to inspire and interact with them directly. Thus, buck-up your social media with creative autumn content ideas. Take a step ahead, go beyond, and interact with your audience with contests and promotions. Boost your engagement with back to school giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Create fall-themed Instagram posts 

The easiest way to spruce up your fall promotion is to create some fall-themed posts for your Instagram. Simple fall-themed posts are a great way to celebrate the fall season with your audience. This can make your customers excited about what your business has to offer for this year’s autumn season. 

The season autumn is of distinctive hues and amazing colors, and this provides you a whole color pallet to use across your promotional inventory of themed posts. Core elements like your brand personality, logo, font, etc. should stay consistent regardless of the season. Other than that, your posts can have anything that fits well with the fall season. 

As you have to be careful yet attractive when creating your themed posts, we recommend using Instagram post templates on PosterMyWall to design your Instagram posts and create engaging Instagram stories. It is an online design tool that has a large variety of free templates that are easy to customize according to your preferences. 

Hold an autumn sale

Everybody likes a good deal, so why not excite your following and turn them into your patrons by holding a special autumn sale. Putting up a sale is a great way to get the attention of the viewers and drive more conversions for your brand. 

There are tons of opportunities in the fall season to hold a special sale that your customers will admire. You can hold a Halloween sale, a Back-to-school sale, or a Thanksgiving sale. Moreover, you can try to attract your customers with irresistible deals. Your target audience is always on the lookout for great deals. You can offer them discount codes, free shipping, or lower pricing on seasonal items. 

Even if you are unable to hold a special themed sale, you can say goodbye to summers by holding an end-of-season sale. Put your summer items on sale, slit the price and encourage people to buy. 

Run a contest

Organizing a contest or a giveaway is one of the best autumn content ideas for social media promotions. It is a great way to catch the attention of your customers during the fall season. Social media contests or giveaways are super fun and can help you increase brand awareness, online engagement, and your followers on the platforms. 

Not only will a contest boost your social media engagement, but you will have a bunch of content to share with your followers until the contest ends. 

Fall-themed blog posts

Every running business in this era must have a blog that should be updated regularly. If your brand has a blog already, update it for the autumn season. You can use themed images in blogs or make case studies about your fall marketing campaigns. Themed blog posts are one of the most influential website content ideas for any business running a seasonal promotion campaign. 

But before getting these October blog post ideas out, you will need to brainstorm. The topics you choose for your blogs should be relevant for the season. Irrelevant topics will dissuade your audience and they will no longer be interested in your autumn promotions. Some of the most effective fall-themed blog post ideas could include:

  • Seasonal recipes
  • fall discounts and offers from your business
  • seasonal decorations
  • list posts
  • holiday posts
  •  product update posts
  •  product tips posts

Keep them unique but make sure to stay on your fall seasonal promotional strategy. 

Source: Bark Post

Using printed flyers 

With the autumn season nearly approaching, you should have an effective marketing campaign in place to make sure you get the desired amount of leads for your business. Flyers are one of the oldest and most foolproof marketing tools in the book. Thus, if not already, include flyers in your autumn promotion ideas as soon as possible. 

Flyers are still effective in 2022, but they need to be good flyers if you are expecting good results. Your printed flyer should be well thought out with appropriate designs that fit well with the autumn season. It should be attractive enough to make the audience stop and take interest in what’s written on it. The information on the fall flyer should tell the people how to find out more, and it should also get the people excited about the product or service you mentioned on it. You can learn more about how to use flyers for offline marketing here

Seasonal flyers are a brilliant way to promote your business. We recommend using these free autumn flyers collection on PosterMyWall that will put your brand on the front foot for your fall promotions. Use the free graphic design tool that has a huge collection of flyer templates for businesses, with an option to customize everything as per your needs. 

Send a fall newsletter

Creating seasonal content is one thing, but sharing it with your customers through appropriate mediums is another. Keeping up with your customers by email is a typical lead nurturing procedure. It is said to be one of the most effective digital content ideas to drive traffic to the website. So why not include a fall newsletter campaign into your autumn marketing tactics?

Your fall newsletter should consist of fall-themed emails with a core purpose of conversion and a clear call to action. You can send it once a week, once a month, or whatever suits your business. However, make sure to highlight any new products or services, any fall promotions, or anything that can excite your customers and bring them to your business. 

november email newsletter example with a black friday sale
Source: LocaliQ

If you are not too good at designing emails, you can use PosterMyWall to get responsive and high-converting email newsletter templates available for free. Use these templates and graphic design tools from the website to get a newsletter ready in no time. 

When you run out of autumn content ideas to post on your Facebook or Instagram pages, you can start giving out fall-related tips to your followers that will help them during the season. If you are in the fashion or beauty industry, talk about looks that are hot for this year’s fall. If the food industry is your niche, provide some tips for working with seasonal ingredients like pumpkins, spices, and apples. 

You can create a graphic to introduce the idea with elaboration in the caption. You could also record a video of yourself explaining these ideas and post it on your Facebook feed or IGTV. Videos top all the Facebook content ideas while IGTV is growing its audience day by day. This can help you interact with your customers and boost your engagement on social media. 

Participate in Small Business Saturday

Small business comes right after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday. It is an initiative by American Express that allows small businesses to grow. It is a special day dedicated to helping small ventures get more feet in the door. This is the perfect autumn marketing idea to attract a new crop of buyers and grab the opportunity of the holiday shopping season. 

Source: LocaliQ

On small business Saturdays, customers head out to buy from their local neighborhood stores. Thus, make sure to let your neighbors know that you are participating in this year’s Small Business Saturday. 

Celebrate the seasons’ special holidays

Autumn offers plenty of chances to engage with your customers with many seasonal holidays. Hop on your social media accounts this Halloween. People across the world celebrate Halloween, and the audience is waiting for some spicy horror stories online. You can create a podcast with people who are up to sharing their stories, or you can even create stories of your own just to engage with your viewers.  

Thanksgiving is a holiday for everyone. Unlike others, people mostly celebrate this day with their families. Try posting some quotes about family, or some great turkey recipes. Put up Thanksgiving posters around your store or on your social media platforms. Read on this blog on PosterMyWall to learn more about how to use posters for Thanksgiving promotions. Just make sure to interact with your customers on the day, no matter the way. 

Saying good bye to summer

Seasonal promotions are effective but only if you make sure your content goes well with your target audience. These autumn content ideas and small business flyer templates will keep you stocked up for the fall season, and if you want your business to grow, implement these strategies and watch your engagement and sales rise.