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How to raise funds for your high school baseball team

Execute these innovative high school baseball fundraising ideas and make your team outshine.

Whenever sports combine with students, the teams are most likely to face difficulties with the cost and expenses associated with the sport they play. Although schools or colleges are already providing funds, there are high chances that you will need a fundraiser to cover all the team’s expenses and make up for the difference.

A fundraiser for a baseball team is no exception. No matter the age group of the team, there are several baseball team expenses that you might need to raise funds for. 

High school baseball fundraising ideas

While fundraisers for sports seem to be a bit overwhelming, they do not have to be. There are several easy and fun baseball fundraising ideas that you can choose for your high school team. This guide is going to reveal some top fundraising ideas that you and your team can implement to raise the funds needed. 

However, keep in mind that just one method may fail to provide all the funds that your team needs. It is better to use multiple ideas; to increase the chances to meet your goal and generate as many funds as possible. Below are some of the most effective baseball fundraising ideas that you can use to generate funds for your team. 

Host a hit-a-thon

A hit-a-thon is a common sponsorship program where the donors and loyal fans of the team sign up to contribute a certain amount of money per home run hit or per hit.

There are a few things that the fundraising planning committee needs to determine to host a hit-a-thon. The amount of money contributed per hit or home run hit should be decided beforehand. Sponsorship should be created for donations per hit. Create a VIP sponsorship program that has additional donations on home runs. 

The skills of your team players will determine the amount that would be charged. If you think that home runs are less likely to be scored, charge more. If the chances are high, charge less. 

Compile a list of email addresses of potential donors, loyal fans, friends, and family members. You can learn more about effective email marketing from this article. Get the word out at parent-teacher meetings, games, and other events. We recommend using these baseball poster templates on PosterMywall and attract viewers to your game and create a hit-a-thon. Lastly, make sure to include your best hitters in the squad for people to sponsor more. 

Run a Car Wash fundraiser

This fundraising technique is said to be one of the classic methods that most people think of. The reason behind the popularity of this idea is that it works really well. As soon as people see your car wash, they immediately realize how long it has been since they have washed their car. Moreover, people like to support local groups like high school teams and will jump at the chance instantly. However, for people to know that you are organizing a car wash, you will need to get the word out. Design creative car wash flyers, hand them out and catch the eye of the recipent.  

While it is easy to set up a price for every car that drives up for a wash, try making it different with the “pay what you want” model. Perhaps you could generate more funds per car as people sometimes want to be extra generous. However, a set price per car can still encourage people to come and donate some extra money in the form of tips. 

Baseball Movie Night

Most schools are likely to allow the students to use the school’s auditorium free of charge for any school-related projects. Choose any family-friendly baseball movie and organize a one-time-only movie night at your school. Sell tickets for the movie night and gather funds for your baseball team. 

Getting the word out is the key to success for this high school baseball fundraising idea. It is essential to let the people know about the event for them to buy the tickets and show up at the movie night. Since it is a student-organized event, you and your team should go for the cheapest advertising options. You can design modern baseball posters using PosterMyWall and put them out in different areas of your school. Advertising through the local paper and school paper can also bring traffic and fill the auditorium to the rafters. Moreover, as it is a movie night, selling popcorn and sodas can also help you generate funds for your baseball team. 

Baseball Fundraising Cards

Scratch-off cards work wonders for baseball teams of all age groups and have become a popular choice of fundraising in recent days. The scratch-off fundraising cards can be customized with your baseball team’s logo, name, and sports design. Each player should take at least one card containing 50 concealed dots. Players then ask their family and friends to participate by scratching off the concealed dots. Each dot has a predetermined donation amount that is revealed once the card is scratched. Typically, the donation amount is anything from $1 to $10. The participants in return are given a sheet of coupons from local and national merchandise with savings worth more than $50. 

Breakfast Fundraisers

A breakfast fundraiser does not require a large amount of effort as compared to other fundraising events, but it still manages to raise significant funds while bringing the community and the members of your organization together in a social setting. 

However, you would require a strong team and dedicated parent volunteers to make your breakfast successful. While pancake breakfast is a popular school fundraising idea, do not make yourself limited to that idea alone. Offering more options on the menu like gourmet and brunch will let you bring in more customers and generate greater funds. Of course, other than the volunteers, you will need the chefs and cooks to make this idea work. 

Appropriate marketing techniques should be practiced so that you can draw a larger audience to your fundraiser. Read this blog post on PosterMyWall to learn how to gather an audience and make them love your breakfast and gourmet menus.  

Weekly Game Updates

Does your high school baseball team have a newsletter or social media following? Fundraisers through newsletters and social media are turning out to be a fantastic way to raise funds quickly. 

Teams can use trace moments or trace IDs in the newsletters so that parents can watch the highlights, and save their child’s performance with just a single click. A link for donation should also be added in the newsletter so that whoever receives the email can send a small donation to help the team. The newsletter templates on PosterMyWall can help you design a perfect newsletter for your baseball team. 

You can also find a “newsletter sponsor” for your baseball team’s newsletter. It is a great way to advertise for any local business. Learn more about newsletter marketing and how to boost engagement through newsletters here

How to get the best results?

High school baseball fundraiser is an effective way to give your team a boost to be able to have more resources. A well-organized fundraising campaign can also have a positive impact on your school and the students organizing as everyone comes together to meet the goal. However, using the same old high school baseball fundraising ideas year after year can get boring.

You can raise more funds with innovative and interesting fundraising ideas that catch people’s attention. Thus, follow the ideas mentioned above and raise a large amount of funds for your high school baseball team. At the same time, learn how to promote any event like a pro so that you can gather as many people as possible and execute these ideas successfully.