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7 ideas for creating a superb Hispanic Heritage Month design

From creating a matching theme to using textured elements, use these 7 ideas to elevate your National Hispanic Heritage Month design.

Creating a beautiful—and authentic—Hispanic Heritage Month design isn’t as simple as randomly drawing the first thing that pops up in your head. If you want your graphics to appear elegant, you’ll need to use design techniques that help elevate an image to a 10/10.

Check out this list of 7 Mexico poster ideas that can do just that.

1. Choose a bright and bold color scheme

Want your National Hispanic Heritage Month designs attention-grabbing? Then color them in bright and bold colors!

Here’s an example courtesy of the Smithsonian Learning Lab:

There’s no question about it: the colors in this blog post featured image catch your eye, enticing you to keep reading.

What if you need to use more muted colors in your design for some reason? Well, there are ways of making them look brighter.

One method is to use complementary colors. These are colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. They contrast each other, helping them stand out more.

Examples of complementary colors are:

  • Blue and orange
  • Red and green
  • Yellow and purple

Give them a try on your design—you might just be pleasantly surprised at the result!

2. Create a matching theme

If you’re creating a series of designs, you can add some cohesiveness to them by giving them a matching theme.

This matching theme can be in the form of using similar elements such as:

  • Colors
  • Art style
  • Fonts
  • Poses (for persons or characters in the designs)

In particular, we love these themed Instagram posts from artist J.A. Romo.

During National Hispanic Heritage Month last year, Romo posted his drawings of Hispanic or Latinx superheroes every day for 30 days. His theming game is strong here, where his drawings all:

  • Share a common theme: Namely that his drawings are all of Hispanic and Latinx superheroes
  • Incorporate the same art style: We love those thin, precise lines!
  • Use the same design format: Where the images feature the superhero in the center, use iconic background colors, and also display information on the superhero in a box on the top right

3. Include animal prints

Explore your wild side by including animal prints in your designs. With our planet being home to millions of animal species, you’ll have no shortage of animals to choose from!

For instance, this National Hispanic Heritage Month poster from the U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii features an elegant-looking butterfly:

As a special touch, try to showcase animals well known in Hispanic culture and regions, such as the:

  • Hummingbird
  • Blue and yellow macaw
  • Jaguar
  • Axolotl

You can feature the whole animal in your designs, or include just their footprints or coat patterns. Let your creative juices flow.

4. Animate your design

What’s more interesting than a static image? It’s a design whose elements move and jump around the screen. In other words: an animated design!

Just take a look at this National Hispanic Heritage Month design by IPSY:

The text in the design has been animated to change colors as the post progresses. It’s an effective method of holding the viewer’s attention for longer.

In the past, animating a design might have involved executing complicated animation techniques in expensive software. But now, graphic design platform PosterMyWall has made it easy to add intro animations to designs.

Simply apply your preferred animation style to the design that you’d like to animate, then watch it come alive.

5. Incorporate hand-drawn illustrations

Designers who are especially good at drawing—this tip is for you.

Others who aren’t artistically inclined may have to rely on stock images for their designs. But you have the ability to draw something completely new on your Mexican poster art, and make it unique.

Whether your medium of specialty is watercolors, charcoal, vector art, or something else, use this opportunity to show off your amazing art skills!

This National Hispanic Heritage Month Facebook flyer from the U.S. Army Reserve features a hand-drawn illustration of Puerto Rico’s 65th infantry regiment:

You can also go one step further and combine your hand-drawn illustrations with digitally added text.

This is in fact what the U.S. Army Reserve flyer above has done, where the title “Hispanic Heritage Month” has been digitally superimposed over the hand-drawn illustration.

6. Design an infographic

Infographics are especially useful for communicating ideas or concepts through your National Hispanic Heritage Month design. Check out this one by NBC News:

Here are some things that we like about this infographic:

  • It displays numbers and percentages in larger text to give them more emphasis
  • It uses relevant graphics to illustrate various points
  • It keeps to a limited color palette to avoid overwhelming viewers with too much color

Infographics can be tricky to design if you’re new to doing so. Our recommendation is to plan the content that should be included in the infographic first.

It’s only after you’ve confirmed your content that you should start thinking about how to design it. Don’t make the mistake of trying to write and design your content at the same time!

7. Use textured elements

Add some variety and visual interest to your National Hispanic Heritage Month design by using textured elements in it.

These textures can be based on images or patterns. The key is to pick a certain element, then use it as a repeated motif in your design.

Pop quiz: what’s the textured element in this National Hispanic Heritage Month image from Vancomm?

If your guess was the flower and leaf graphics encircling the design in the middle of the graphic, you’re right!

Keep the look of your textured elements minimalistic, because they should not be the focus of the design (unless you intend them to be).

That’s because as you repeat them in your design, they will naturally gain prominence. So if you make them too eye-popping, they can start to distract the viewer from the main elements of your design.

Bring your National Hispanic Heritage Month design to life

Have our list of National Hispanic Heritage Month design ideas inspired you? We certainly hope so!

When you’re ready to get started with your design, browse our collection of Hispanic Heritage Month poster templates. We’ve got hundreds of Mexican poster design templates to choose from, such as the ones below:

Once you’ve found your favorite template, use our drag-and-drop design editor to add text and graphics. You can also upload your own media, such as hand-drawn illustrations, for use!

Learn more about using PosterMyWall for your Mexican poster design here.