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Send impactful emails with PosterMyWall’s brand-new Email Marketing Platform

No marketing plan is complete without emails. With the new Email Marketing Platform, you can design and send emails all from one place.

An integral part of any marketing strategy is email marketing. And for your email marketing strategy to be truly successful, you need the perfect blend: a stunning, engaging  design, a simple-to-use and  efficient publishing platform, and tools to measure the success of your campaigns. 

Our new Email Marketing Platform does it all within a single, easy-to-use platform.

PosterMyWall’s latest feature, the Email Maker, is an all-in-one tool and the answer to all your email design prayers. The Email Maker allows you to choose a professionally designed email template and customize it to reflect your brand and meet your needs. 

PosterMyWall’s new email template gallery empowers you to choose from hundreds of gorgeous templates. They are organized by Type (e.g. Sale, Newsletter, Price List, etc.) and Theme (e.g. Retail, Small business, Church, ) to make it easy to navigate our extensive selection.

Confused about exactly which category to browse? No worries, you can use the search bar to find templates that match the keywords which describe the type or style of template you have in mind.

Design your email with the Email Maker

The Email Maker is a new tool which makes customizing email designs a piece of cake –no coding or design skills required! We handle all the tech stuff.

Another plus is that The Email Maker automatically optimizes your design  for different screen sizes, so your email will look great whether your customer views it on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

What else can you do with the Email Maker? You can:

Publish your email with the Email Marketing Platform

Disclaimer: Publishing is only available for PosterMyWall Premium subscribers.

After you have finished designing your beautiful custom email, it’s time to send it to your mailing list. 

To make this super easy for you, we’ve built a dedicated publishing platform within PosterMyWall. So now you can complete the entire process of email marketing, from design to distribution can be completed in a single platform, hassle-free. 

What more could a busy marketing professional want?

Our publishing tools are integrated as a seamless final step. You simply need to create your sender profile, update/add your audience(s), review your emails, and send them out into the world!

To make sure you’re happy with how your emails are going to look in an inbox, we’ve made it easy to send yourself a test email or view your email in a browser before sending it to your audience.


The fun doesn’t stop here. Once your email campaign has run, you, as a marketing professional, will undoubtedly want to measure how it performed. 

Introducing: Performance metrics for your email campaigns!

This is a separate tab in the “My emails” section, which displays detailed metrics, in the form of numbers and graphs, to quantify how each of your email campaigns and audiences have performed.

Confused about which campaign is performing best? The feature also enables you to compare campaigns and audiences with each other, side-by-side, delivering clear data that reveals which  performed best. Create a beautiful, high-performing email campaign now!

Create a beautiful, high-performing email campaign now!

Email marketing can be frustrating. PosterMyWall simplifies email marketing with tools that streamline the process. Now anyone can design email campaigns without design or coding skills.

So shoot for the stars, who knows? You may land in some pretty responsive email inboxes!