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Throw a wild DJ night with our ultimate DJ marketing plan

Want to get the crowds lining up for your DJ night? Then add these 9 effective tactics to your DJ marketing plan!

A party with few attendees is a very sad party indeed. If you’re holding a DJ night, you’ll need an effective DJ marketing plan to publicize it and get people lining up outside your nightclub before the party begins.

Check out the 9 marketing tactics we’ve put together to help you with just that, as you aim to throw a wild DJ night that no one will forget!

Be strategic when choosing a date for your DJ night. You’ll want maximum attendance—which will mean holding your DJ night on a day when potential attendees are likely to be free and in the mood to party.

This logic immediately rules out most weekdays as people might be busy pulling long hours at work. Instead, our top recommendation is to hold your DJ night on Saturday.

Being the first day of the weekend, Saturday is the day when people want to go out, enjoy themselves, and let their hair down.

And Paradise Night Club knows what it’s doing here. It’s chosen to hold its DJ night on a Saturday:

Holding your DJ night on Sunday is possible, too. Though you may experience lower attendance if people are going to bed early to rest for the work week ahead.

2. Highlight your guest DJ

Apart from your regular DJs, will you be having guest DJs at your DJ night? If yes, then be sure to prominently feature them in all your marketing collateral.

That’s because:

  • Fans of the guest DJ will want to come to your DJ night to catch the DJ in action, and
  • Non-fans of the guest DJ might be keen to drop by to discover some talent.

Either way, you enjoy higher attendance for your DJ night!

In a tweet, Stones Bedfordview shared how guest DJ Rays Da Funk would be spinning at its DJ night:

Pro tip: ask your guest DJ to also promote your DJ night to their followers. This way, they can help spread the word on your DJ night even further!

3. Run a special promotion

Holding a promotion never fails to drum up more interest in an event—and you can apply this tactic to market your DJ night, too. Ideas for DJ night promotions include:

  • Giving attendees one free drink for every drink purchased (i.e. buy one, get one free)
  • Slashing the prices of your drinks
  • Providing discounts to attendees who spend a certain amount during your DJ night

You can also offer free drinks to ladies during certain hours, like what Twist Club has done:

We think this strategy is especially genius because it’s bound to get more ladies through the club’s doors. And when that happens, the guys will follow.

But the guys will have to pay for their drinks, which is when the club will make money!

4. Create social media flyers

Here’s one DJ social media strategy worth adding to your DJ marketing plan. Create nightclub flyers, then post them on your social accounts!

As you’re designing your flyers, take care to:

  • Emphasize the name of your event using large heading fonts
  • Choose bold colors to help your flyers stand out
  • Add attention-grabbing images to pique viewers’ curiosity

And this DJ night flyer by Landing 13 checks off all the above boxes.

PosterMyWall makes it simple to design stunning flyers even if graphic design isn’t your specialty. First, browse our collection of DJ flyer templates—we have over 3,700 of them—to find your favorite.

After that, use our beginner-friendly design editor to customize the template with the details of your DJ night.

5. Put up publicity posters

Are the walls of your club looking a little bare? Plaster them with DJ posters of your upcoming DJ night! This is effective DJ advertising that makes use of your club’s existing space to publicize your event.

You can even paste your posters on your speakers, as shown in this Instagram post:

If you’re using PosterMyWall to create social media flyers, you can conveniently use it to design your DJ night publicity posters too. Simply follow the steps we shared above! The only difference is that you’ll have to print your posters after designing them.

And here’s a neat trick: use PosterMyWall’s resize feature to resize your existing designs based on how you’ll be using them.

For example, if you’ve created a square-shaped Instagram flyer for your DJ night, you can easily resize it to a rectangular poster for printing.

Learn more about PosterMyWall’s resize feature here.

6. Showcase clips from past DJ nights

Sift through the photos and videos you’ve captured of previous DJ nights, then edit the best shots into a quick video. After that, post your video on social media.

When you do so, people who watch the snippets of your past DJ nights will see how much fun others had in the past. They might then be more interested in being there for your upcoming DJ night!

We especially like this highlights video created by RYSE Nightclub:

The nightclub features clips of its guests having a good time, and has taken advantage of its DJ night’s flashy lighting setting to draw its viewers’ attention.

The video also uses fast-paced transitions and upbeat music to hype people up. It’s no wonder that users have left comments such as “Got my tickets!! 🔥🔥🙌🙌”

7. Set up a Facebook event for your DJ night

Make use of Facebook’s events feature to set up an event page for your DJ night. By doing so, you’ll have a dedicated space for marketing your DJ night to all Facebook users.

For inspiration, check out the Facebook event page that Pour House Sports Bar of Lackawanna has created for its DJ nights:

On your Facebook event page, you can share details such as:

  • Your DJ night’s date and time
  • The location of your DJ night
  • The DJs who will be spinning

People interested in being at your DJ night can then RSVP on your event page. This is handy for gauging attendance—just in case you need to get a larger space to accommodate everyone.

Attendees can also share your event page with their friends, and contribute more sign-ups to your RSVP list!

8. Promote the DJ night in your email newsletter

No, email is not dead. If you’ve got a sizable email list, you may be surprised how many people show up for your DJ night after reading about it in your email newsletter.

Your email should contain all the essential details of your DJ night, such as its date, time, and location. But apart from that, add elements that incentivize subscribers to take action—be it adding your DJ night to their calendar or buying tickets.

For example, this email by Atlantis, The Palm has a countdown timer that ticks down to the start of its DJ night. The timer introduces a sense of urgency that compels email subscribers to get their tickets now:

With PosterMyWall’s new Email Marketing Platform, you can create your email campaign with a professional-looking email template and graphics. Send your email to all your subscribers, then monitor its performance metrics to review how well it has done.

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Got friends who run event publications? Speak with them about featuring your DJ night in their publications.

Even if you have to pay a sponsorship fee, the extra coverage could help raise awareness of your DJ night—and draw in the crowd that you’re aiming to get.

And you don’t always have to reach out to the traditional magazines or news publications. Even Facebook pages dedicated to promoting events can work.

For instance, the “Nightclub & Events by Nikki Vicedo” Facebook page has posted about an upcoming DJ Night by Vanity Club:

That Facebook Page has a respectable 12,000+ followers and racked up over 280 likes for its promotional post for Vanity Club. Not bad at all!

Put your DJ marketing plan into action

As you settle the logistics for your DJ night, don’t forget to craft a DJ marketing plan to get the word out about your event. Because no matter how awesome your DJ lineup may be, your DJ night will be a flop if not enough people show up for it.

While using the 9 tips we’ve shared above to market your event, you’ll also need the right DJ marketing tools to execute your DJ marketing plan. And that’s where PosterMyWall can help you out! Whether you need social media posts, posters, email campaigns, videos or something else, PosterMyWall makes designing such marketing collateral a breeze. Explore PosterMyWall in more detail here to learn why it is the perfect tool for your DJ night marketing efforts.