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How to start school promotions with back to school social media ideas

Get noticed and act as a source of relief to students by using these back-to-school social media ideas.

Summer is almost over, which means the schools are about to get back in session. So it’s about time you should start thinking about your back-to-school marketing campaigns. Strap on your bags because this season is one of the most important times for marketing. As schools and colleges prepare to reopen their doors for students, parents too start the hunt for back-to-school bargains and new supplies. 

Back-to-school season is known as the second busiest period, just behind the winter season. As summer comes close to an end, customers begin the search to get ready for the upcoming school session. 

This period, starting from mid-summer to early fall, is an exciting time for both the retailers and consumers. According to a survey, $612 per child was spent in 2021, an increase of 16% from spending from the previous year. During the back-to-school shopping season, customers are eager to buy everything from basic school supplies to modern-day electronic gadgets. 

However, regardless of how important this season is for the retailers, the centerpiece of the back-to-school season is of course the schools, who are getting ready to start their next session. Therefore, effective strategies should be implemented to start the next session in the best possible way. 

Back to school social media ideas

Digital marketing is the key to success for any back-to-school marketing campaign. The biggest retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target, rely on online marketing to reach their target customers before school starts. Social media plays a vital role in the growing back-to-school marketing experience. 

This blog post will therefore cover everything you need to know about back to school social media ideas, with some catchy tips to inspire your campaign this year. 

Run a quiz on social media

Younger generations are generally very active on social media platforms and they get easily involved in different interactive contests online. Offer some engaging exercises to your audience and warm them up before school starts. Put together some tricky questions on various topics and check how they perform. 

Create Interactive Instagram stories on Back-to-School Themes

Instagram stories are one of the most effective back-to-school social media ideas. It has native features that allow people to create interactive stories. You can keep it simple with the true-or-false format, or make it more interesting with multiple-choice questions. Learn more about how to promote with Instagram stories here

Run Facebook Contests for Engagement

There are many ways to interact with your followers and make them like or comment on your Facebook posts. Fill-in-the-blank contest is an easy-to-launch campaign that works great for boosting engagement on your page. This activity makes the audience think, thus they genuinely get involved with your post. Create a savvy teaser leaving a blank space for the right answer and ask the viewers to fill in the blank space. To gain better results and engagement, do not stop on a one-time post; create a series of puzzles and post them from time to time. 

Fill in the blank Facebook contest

You can even ask your followers to tag their fellow schoolmates to get more activity on your post. This way, you can increase engagement on your posts and your follower count will rise. 

Buck up students with a motivational quote

The fun of summer is fading away and it is now time for the students to get focused on their studies. Following the school routine can be tough and challenging that requires a lot of commitment and discipline. 

An encouraging quote would surely cheer up the students. Broaden the horizons and summon the expectation of new findings rather than boring cramming. 

To make it more appealing to the students, use flyers to share the quote. Using back to school flyers from PosterMyWall makes this step one of the easiest back-to-school social media ideas. Put out these flyers on your social media platforms and website. This back-to-school social media idea can do wonders for you if executed the right way. 

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Promote your special deal

The back-to-school season is almost as huge a commercial season as Christmas Eve. Thus, do not stay on the sidelines and start running paid advertisements. It is one of the quickest ways to display yourself to your audience. With paid advertisements, you purchase ads that allow you to specifically reach your target audience, instead of them finding you organically. 

When using paid advertisements for marketing, focus on a specific channel, such as Facebook or Google ads, and then define the target audience you want your ads to reach. Such campaigns are mostly pay-per-click; you only pay when a viewer clicks on your ad. Thus, this back-to-school social media idea can help you reap the fall harvest without any waste of money. Moreover, read this guide to incorporate paid ads campaigns effectively in this year’s back-to-school season. 

Influencer marketing

Many teenagers look to their favorite social media artists for recommendations, and this is when influencer marketing plays its role. Your back-to-school campaign can get a personalized touch by an endorsement on a social media influencer’s feed. 

You can also incorporate influencer marketing with your paid ads. Ask known personalities and social media influencers to re-share your posts. A post shared from a known person can have a different impact on your target audience. 

Other back-to-school marketing ideas

Boosting back-to-school sales with email marketing

Unlike other marketing channels such as pay-per-click networks or social media marketing, email marketing offers the highest return on investment. Of course, you are the owner of your email list and can reach your subscribers any time you want, without any cost. 

Analyze and segment your email list, create several email campaigns with different messages for different segments and go after them with attractive offers and relevant resources. Create a sense of urgency by sending out reminders. Anticipation leads to excessive engagement, and engagement leads to more sales. Read this guide to learn more about effective email marketing

If you want your newsletters to stand out in your audience’s inboxes, you have to incorporate new techniques. For instance, using a countdown or a GIF in your email can emphasize your offers for everyone ready to head back to school. Use email templates and the PosterMyWall Email Marketing Platform to design creative emails that catch the eye of your viewer. 

Incorporate content marketing into your back-to-school strategy

Bestowing your audience with useful content can make your back-to-school campaign more impactful. Content brings added value to your back-to-school campaign’s audience and cultivates trust in your organization. 

Some back-to-school content ideas you can try include blog posts, downloadable checklists, or class schedules. The way you display your content also decides its success. Use class schedule templates on PosterMyWall to let the students know their schedules in a new way this year. 


Back-to-school season is undoubtedly a concerning time of the year for all students. With a lot of stuff to do before school starts and the effort and dedication required for the school session, students mostly have a negative impact during this season. However, by helping students in school-related activities and providing enough motivation for the new school session, schools can act as a source of relief for every student who is ready to go back to school.