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How to use digital signage for employee communications

Looking for new ways to boost team engagement and workplace efficiency? Learn how to use internal digital signage for employee communication.

Maintaining effective employee communications is key to a successful and cohesive workforce. All business owners know that. But how do promote employee communications, that question leaves room for debate. However, many corporations have started using digital signage to help engage with employees and keep everyone on the same page.

According to industry statistics, about half of all communications professionals use digital signage as a channel. While much of digital signage is for marketing purposes, many businesses have started using it for internal communication as well. Here are some of the types of digital signage for employee communications that can help build a cohesive company culture and boost workplace efficiency.

Customer or client scheduling

It’s always ideal when all your team members are on the same page. Since digital signage is easy to update, using it to display regular information about customer or client scheduling can help ensure your employees know what’s going on.

A doctor’s office is a great example of how to use digital signage for employee communications. The screen can show all the patient appointment times, so everyone working can quickly and easily see the schedule to stay on track with the day’s workload.

Displaying customer or client scheduling isn’t just helpful in a doctor’s office. It can help in any business that regularly takes appointments. You’ll never have to miss an appointment again!

Company dashboards

Digital signage isn’t just helpful to show what your customers are up to. You can also use it to keep team members up to date on important company information. Here are just a few examples of the internal digital signage content you can display:

  • Sales figures and goals
  • Customer service data
  • Stock prices
  • Milestone and goal progress

By having this information easily available to employees, they can see an overview of how the company is performing. This helps them feel more in the loop and engaged with the business as a whole.

For example, if someone from the sales team sees how great the overall sales figures are for the month, they can enjoy a sense of pride that their work actually made a difference. This will make them feel more connected with the company and could encourage them to work harder in the future.

Workplace updates to boost employee engagement

Digital signage content doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Employees like to have fun now and then, and your digital signage campaigns are the perfect place to throw a little levity into the workplace.

Create digital signage content that includes fun, enjoyable, or social information, such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Promotions
  • Company events
  • Figures
  • Welcoming new employees
  • Visions for the future
  • Motivational quotes

These light updates displayed over digital signage are a great way to make your employees feel more engaged with the company. Even something as simple as acknowledging your employees’ birthdays (if they agree to have the information shared) can help employees feel more connected to the workplace.

According to research, businesses with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable. Keep your employees engaged with employee communication signage.

Workplace safety reminders

With thousands of workplace injuries affecting workers and costing businesses millions of dollars every year, it’s important to remind workers of safety requirements and regulations, including:

  • Physical hazards
  • COVID safety (masks, washing hands, distancing, washing hands, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity protocols

Digital signage is exceptionally efficient at providing workplace safety reminders because of its ability to be updated quickly and remotely. Especially in the era of COVID-19, it’s now more important than ever to keep up with the always-changing safety rules.

Policy and procedure changes

Safety reminders aren’t the only policies that change. Sometimes, you might need to implement a different way to send memos, file receipts, contact customers, or other business-related policies. When that happens, you want to make sure all your employees get the information quickly and remember to follow the updates.

With digital signage, you can create content that lets employees know about policy and procedure changes and serves as a constant reminder to adhere to them. This helps ensure workplace changes can be implemented quickly and efficiently without anyone on your team “forgetting” about the updates.

Emergency warnings

You want to keep your employees safe. If you work in a location that experiences natural disasters like wildfires, floods, tornadoes, or hurricanes, digital signage for employee communication is an effective way to spread the word about emergency warnings throughout the workplace.

Since it’s so easy to update and distribute information via digital signage, your HR department can simply make up a quick warning template and upload it to the digital signage playlist. Instantly, every digital sign in your workplace will alert employees of the warning, ensuring they can take precautionary measures quickly and prevent injury.

Meeting room booking systems

There’s nothing worse than needing a space to talk to a coworker or client and not having any meeting rooms available! Many businesses have started using digital signage to display meeting room booking systems to prevent embarrassing double-bookings.

Whenever someone in the company needs a meeting room, they can simply go to the nearest conference area, look at the screen outside the room, and immediately see who’s using the room and for how long.

After looking at the meeting room’s schedule, they can set a time with the coworker or client they want to meet with, guaranteeing the room will be open and available. There won’t be any embarrassing moments when you walk up to a meeting with a client only to find out your coworker already has the space reserved.

Social media feeds

It might not seem productive to put social media feeds all over your workplace, but it can actually be quite helpful to keep a finger on the pulse of your brand’s online presence.

There are several apps and digital signage tools that can display a running feed of posts that mention your company’s name or are created by your employees and followers. Since the digital signs are always on in your workplace, this makes it an easy way to catch social media issues or react to follower posts quickly and efficiently.

You can mitigate problems before they turn into major issues and engage with your followers quickly to build a positive brand image online.

Quiz questions or challenges

Another way to engage your employees at work is to post quiz questions or challenges on your digital signs.

You can design creative digital signage material that asks trivia questions or even fun facts about the company. Then, employees can answer the question either just for fun, or you can offer a prize like a gift card to a local restaurant.

No matter whether you provide a prize or not, quizzes and challenges are an effective way to get employees engaged using your digital signage. Even better, since your employees will be looking forward to the next question or challenge, they’ll pay more attention to your digital signs around the workplace, making it easier to disseminate information company-wide.

Employee spotlight features

Did someone in the office just crush a business goal, or maybe there’s a new employee you want to introduce to everyone? No matter why you want to showcase your awesome teammates, employee spotlight features can make your coworkers feel appreciated and help them get to know each other a little better.

An employee spotlight is simply a picture of an employee along with a blurb about an accomplishment, quote, background, or anything else you want to showcase to the rest of the office. They help to create a sense of teamwork and togetherness around the office. Plus, it never hurts to celebrate your coworkers!

The easiest way to create great digital signage content is to use an employee spotlight template. Just choose the template that best fits your campaign goals (and business style), upload the employee’s picture and a short description, and you’re ready to upload to your digital signage. 

Optimize your employee communication strategies with dynamic digital signage content

There’s no doubt that internal digital signage can help you build strong employee communication strategies. By engaging with coworkers, disseminating information quickly, and keeping everyone on the same page, digital signage is a great way to boost workplace efficiency.

If you’re looking for dynamic content to bolster your internal employee communications, create engaging digital signage content using templates from PosterMyWall. With thousands of professional templates available, all you have to do is choose the one that best fits your style, update the messaging, and upload it to your digital signage dashboard. It’s as simple as that to create engaging digital signage content to bolster your employee communication plan.