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6 church conference flyer examples to promote your next event

What’s a church event without attendees? Learn how to design the perfect church conference flyer, and plenty of template examples, to help you fill the pews.

You want to spread the gospel, engage with your congregation, or educate staff at your next church conference, but that only works if people show up! The best way to spread the word about your next church event is with a flyer. Here are six conference flyer examples and ideas to fill the pews at your next church event.

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Go half-size

When it comes to conference flyers, bigger isn’t always better. Whether you’re handing out physical copies or posting online, a smaller fun-sized poster is sometimes the best way to go.

For physical papers you plan to hand out, half-sized flyers are easier for people in the congregation to take with them and hang at home for a reminder. After all, who has space on the fridge for a full-size piece of paper!? Plus, you can fit two half-sized flyers on a single sheet of paper, helping you literally cut printing costs in half.

Half-sized flyers are also good for posting online. They can fit better in a website or social media banner, and they’re easier to see on small phone screens — which is how most people view online media these days.

Spacious and clean

Busy flyers can be disorienting. The entire idea of a flyer is to give passersby the essential information they need and entice them to come to your event. If there’s too much to look at, people might miss important details or ignore your flyer completely.

When designing your conference flyer, choose a layout that’s nice and clean. Leave plenty of space between sections, choose an easy-to-read font (and size), and include only the essential information. The idea is for people to get the gist of your poster within just a few seconds.

Movement catches the eye

Not all flyers are posted on bulletin boards. Especially in the digital age, many flyers are posted online on websites and social media feeds. While you might have to compete with tons of other content for attention, digital flyers also give you more design options, like movement!

Movement is a great way to catch peoples’ eyes. Designing your digital conference flyer with an Intro Animation so the content subtly slides in from the side (like this template example) or has an animated background provides just enough movement to grab the reader’s attention without distracting from the content.

Add some contrast with color

You want people to actually read your flyer, so make sure the content stands out. One of the best ways to make your content stand out is with color contrast.

It’s hard to miss text that contrasts with the background. For example, using a bright yellow font over a dark background will compel more people to read your flyer. Not only does color contrast attract attention, but it also helps to keep your flyer layout clear and easy to read.

Include all the essential information

Customize church class flyer here.

You don’t want to include too much information, but you also don’t want to leave anything out. Be sure to provide enough information on your flyer to give readers a good idea of what the church conference is about and how they can attend.

It’s a good idea to include at least the following information on your flyer:

  • Brief description of the event
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Speakers/activities
  • Contact information
  • Website for more information

Create a visual hierarchy

Customize Women’s church conference flyer.

People read flyers from top to bottom, so use that to your advantage by building a visual hierarchy. Take advantage of visual hierarchy by placing the most important eye-catching information at the top of the poster (an exciting title) in the largest font. Then introduce other content from most to least important as you go down the page.

Build the perfect church conference flyer

It’s always nice to know the elements of a good church event flyer, but it’s quite another to put it all together effectively. After all, you’re busy organizing a conference and probably don’t have time to design a great flyer from scratch!

Luckily, PosterMyWall makes it quick and easy to design professional-level flyers without needing professional-level skills. Simply browse through the thousands of church free conference flyer templates, pick the one you like best, fill in your information, and you’re ready to distribute. You’ll be ready to promote your church conference in no time!